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Miss Campus Cutie: Julia Anastasi

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at UW Stout chapter.

Name: Julia AnastasiHometown: White Bear Lake, MinnesotaProgram of Emphasis: Packaging, Minor in BusinessYear: JuniorRelationship Status: Single


Movie: Notting Hill

Place: San Francisco Bay, CA

Candy: Anything 

Quote: “ Everything happens for a reason.”

HC: Tell us a little bit about yourself!

JA: I am currently a Junior in the Packaging program at Stout and this is my first semester back after my co-op in New York! I love to travel, laugh, and try new things. My passion is figure skating; I was a competitive figure skater for 10 years. Although I don’t skate as much anymore, I still continue to train and coach younger skaters.  

HC: If you could describe yourself in three words, what would they be?

JA: Outgoing, spontaneous, determined

HC: How are you involved on campus at UW-Stout?

JA: Last year I was the President of the Stout Packaging Association and am currently still a participant. I am also in the Honors Program and am a member of the Figure Skating Club on campus. I wish I had more time for activities but it’s so hard to balance everything!

HC: I think everyone knows how that feels! How did you spend your Spring Break?

JA: I actually spent my Spring Break in Madrid, Spain visiting my best friend from high school! It was the craziest, but most incredible week; It’s so different experiencing a country with a friend rather than traveling with family. 

HC: That’s awesome! What does your ideal first date look like?

JA: Fun, out of the ordinary, and filled with great conversation. You don’t find many guys that will go outside of their comfort zone from the get go, so the ones that do are the keepers!

HC: Was your very first kiss “one to remember” or “one to forget?”

JA: One to forget, how could it not be?! I must have been in middle school and he just went for it and missed. Poor guy.

HC: What is something most people don’t know about you?

JA: I was adopted from South Korea when I was 3 months old.

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