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Miley Cyrus for MAC Cosmetics

Who knew Miley had so many professions from singer/songwriter to actress to fashion designer to now beauty guru?


Yes, that’s right Miley Cyrus is soon to debut her new lipstick and lipglass created by MAC Cosmetics. Miley teamed up with MAC to create a beautiful pink lipstick, with all of the proceeds going towards AIDS victims.


Recently Miley went to Twitter to announce this new venture of hers. With this lipstick costing $15 per tube, and lipglass costing $16, it may not fit into the college budget, but maybe it can be justified since the proceeds go towards a good cause, right?


Miley isn’t the first celebrity MAC has used to promote their products. Recently, Rhianna and Nicki Minaj advertised their products as well. 

You can expect to these products in stores early 2015! Will you be purchasing Miley’s latest beauty products? 


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