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Menomonie is Not Boring You Just Stopped Exploring

If you’re thinking, “How can small old Menomonie be any interesting?” don’t worry! You are not the first and will not be the last person to think that. However, you’re still wrong because “small old Menomonie” is in fact in its own ways very interesting. From the Russell J Rassbach Heritage Museum to the Mabel Tainter Memorial Theater and most importantly the Town & Country antique stores, I guess it’s fair to say this town does have a lot to offer if you are willing to explore. 

As residents of Menomonie, there are many things that we take for granted. One of the things we don’t appreciate about Menomonie is that it is a nice city to explore. We don’t cherish the fact that this small city has a lot to offer. I mean it’s like 100 years old (maybe not exactly) but this city is old. Which is amazing, but most importantly if you are a huge fan of the 60’s and 70’s eras, you can feel that vintage vibe living in such a small town like Menomonie. I find that to be interesting because walking through downtown Menomonie we get to see all these old-style buildings and how it’s background is very rich once you learn about it; I find that very monumental. 

Another thing I have gotten to appreciate while living in Menomonie has got to be the antique stores. For the first time ever, I got the opportunity to visit one of the many antique stores in Menomonie. This experience was amazing. I was shocked to see how unique and beautiful some items looked, especially the different jewelry, the kitchen utensils, the old records and record player, and decorative items for your living and dining room. After hearing people say how Menomonie is not interesting, I couldn’t believe that because the antique shop totally changed my view about how unique Menomonie is compared to other cities. Even if you are a broke college kid, the antique shop still is a nice fit for anyone because of how cheap they are, but if you really are too broke then don’t worry because some shops are willing to even negotiate their prices to fit your budget depending on the value of that item. If you are someone like me who doesn’t like spending money well there are no rules against going into the store to just window shop. 

Town & Country antique was the first antique store that caught my attention in Menomonie. When I first stepped foot into the store, I couldn’t get my mind off how amazing it was. The store is filled with old yet cheap and beautiful accessories. I remembered someone telling me once that “You don’t have to buy these items if you don’t want to, and if you are someone who just loves those cool Instagram photo of old antique items, then just go there and take pictures.” After hearing that, I was inspired to capture my next Instagram picture at this antique store. All it takes is the right angels and the right edits, and who knows? you could even be the next Steve Mccurry. 

There you go, now there should be no doubting Menomonie anymore. Well, you can, but I will highly suggest that you take some time off your busy schedule to explore the city first before you make up a scenario about how Menomonie is not interesting or maybe why it does not have any unique features. If you want to see those things, and they interest you, then leave your dorm and explore the Russell J Rassbach Heritage Museum. If that’s not your cup of tea, fine! Maybe try exploring the Mabel Tainter Memorial Theater or the many other antique stores. Whatever it is that you choose just don’t say “Menomonie is boring” without exploring.

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