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Meet New Her Campus Writer, Anna Korbein!




Major: Special Education

Year: Freshman

Hometown: Farmington, MN

HC Position: Writer

1.     Why did you choose to attend UW-Stout?

   I chose Stout because it had my major, it wasn’t too far from home and I loved the sense of community!  When my mom and I came here I felt so at home and knew instantly that this was where I was going to be for the next four years.

2.     What brought you to be a part of Her Campus?

   I enjoy writing as a hobby and I had seen Her Campus on Facebook and Twitter and loved the idea of it so I figured I would look into the UW-Stout chapter!

3.     How did you hear about Her Campus?

 I’m a social media guru so like I said before, I saw it all over my Facebook and Twitter and read every article I came across!

4.     What’s your favorite place on campus?

   In all honesty, I love being in the basement of HKMC. The Chinnock study is definitely my favorite spot! It’s just so calm and I can get so much work done when I’m down there!

5.     What else are you involved in on campus?

  I am in Residence Hall Association, Milnes-Chinnock Hall Events Committee, Dance Ensemble and I’m a tour guide for admissions!

6.     Favorite thing about Stout so far?

   I have made some of the best friends.  Everybody says that but I definitely won the friend lottery.  If you guys are reading this, y’all rock. 

7.     It may be a ways away, but what are your plans/goals after graduation?

  I hope to get a job as a special education teacher at the high school level and possibly become a student council advisor and dance team coach!


Speed Round-

Favorite food: Chipotle Bowl

Celeb Crush: Bradley Cooper

Favorite Movie: 3 way tie between Interstellar, Safe Haven, and Grease

Dream Vacation: Fiji for the rest of my life…more of a “stay-cation”

Molly is a freshman at UW-Stout, majoring in professional communication and emerging media with a concentration in journalism. She is originally from Rosemount, MN. Molly is a pop culture junkie, dancer, singer, actress, and coffee lover. 
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