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Meet Larissa Wilhelm

Some call her “a ball of never ending energy,” and some simply call her “loud.” While both may be true, this week’s campus celebrity is so much more. She’s an absolute fitness fanatic and involved all over campus through various outlets. This busybody is a shining example of the idea that once you find what it is you’re passionate about and meant to pursue, you won’t stop until you’ve achieved your goals. Even then, you will continue to want and do more. Meet Larissa Wilhelm!

Name: Larissa Wilhelm

Major: Business Administration; Health, Wellness, & Fitness; Pre-Physical Therapy; and a minor in Coaching

Year: 5th

Hometown: Grantsburg, WI

HC: Why did you choose to attend UW-Stout?

LW: I originally came to Stout for the Business program with the hopes of also majoring in the Apparel program or the Interior Design program. However, I do not have an artistic bone in my body so my dreams of being a famous designer were cut short. Luckily, the HWF program started which is what I really wanted to do and what I was meant to do.

HC: How are you involved on campus?

LW: I work at the Health and Fitness Center as a desk attendant, group fitness instructor, and the Lead Student Manager of Group Fitness. I teach Yoga/Broga and Step n’ Tone. I am also a member of the National Sorority Sigma Sigma Sigma. We do a lot of volunteering as a chapter that goes beyond the campus and into the community. I also play intramural volleyball and floor hockey.

HC: I think we can all agree that pursuing a double major is in no way easy, so how did you decide to take that on?

LW: I started out as just a Business Administration major and then my freshman advisor told me about the Health, Wellness and Fitness major and minor. I started off with the minor, but I quickly realized I wanted to do more and learn more about it, which led me to pick it up as my second major. I added on Pre-Professional Physical Therapy my junior year, because I just wanted to do more, be more, and help more.

HC: What inspires you?

LW: There are so many things that inspire me. Music inspires me, because it allows people to connect and feel and the best part is, it’s everywhere! Certain songs have the capability to move me to a puddle of tears, but other songs are able to make me feel empowered and strong. The latter are the ones where I feel unstoppable and can climb mountains. Also, other people’s triumphs inspire me. Just thinking about the accomplishments of others and how they overcame bumps in the road makes me feel that I can accomplish my own goals, because if they did it, anyone has the capability to succeed.

HC: What’s your favorite thing about Stout?

LW: I love the people and the community of the school! I know that is a total cliché, but I love walking to class or being in the gym and knowing someone to say hello to and have a chat with. I love to talk and it’s nice to know that someone is always willing to have a conversation with me.

HC: What are your plans and hopes for your future?

LW:  After I finish both of my degrees at Stout, I plan on going to graduate school to get my Doctorate in Physical Therapy. My main goal is to be a Physical Therapist for professional athletes, a volleyball coach, and continue teaching group fitness. Also, I want to get two German Shepherds!


Favorite Movie: Miracle and Pride & Prejudice

First Job: Waitress and Cook at The Pizza Place

Favorite Spot on Campus: This is so weird, but I like to sit outside the football coaches’ offices. There is a spot on the wall that fits my back perfectly and I get a lot of work done.

Ideal Saturday Night: Depending on my mood, my ideal Saturday night would either be reading a good book and lights out by 10:00pm to catch up on some much needed sleep OR dancing the night away!

One Word Your Friends Use to Describe You: LOUD!!

Jackie is currently a UW-Stout junior pursing a major in Professional Communications and Emerging Media with a concentration in Applied Journalism, working towards a career in Public Relations. Jackie is the Campus Correspondent, as well as a Feature and Campus Celebrity writer for the UW-Stout chapter. Originally from the east coast, Jackie has lived in the unfavorably cold state of Minnesota for most of her life. She enjoys blogging, music, spending time with her friends and family, cheering on her favorite MA sports teams, comedies, and simply getting up and being active. Jackie has many plans and aspirations, but has just begun her future as a writer.
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