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Meet Her Campus Social Media Director, Rachel Grace Kolias

Name: Rachel Grace Kolias

Major: Professional Communication and Emerging Media

Year: Junior

Hometown: Saint Paul

HC Position: Social Media Director

Member Since: March 2014

HC: Why did you choose to attend UW-Stout?

Rachel Grace Kolias: I was interested in the Professional Communication and Emerging Media major because it was so specific and unique. When I sat down with Matt Livesey, the program director, I knew it was the right fit.  I also really like the creative and innovative students that Stout seems to attract and the focus on professional experience.

HC: What’s your favorite part of being the social media director?

RK: I love seeing our organization grow through social media.  It’s so much fun seeing page views and likes increase and seeing a positive response.  I also read every article when I post it to social media and really enjoy that.

HC: How did you hear about HC UW-Stout?

RK: I heard about Her Campus in high school and when I found out (probably through social media!) that Lo was starting a chapter at Stout I jumped on it.

HC: What made you want to get involved?

RK: I wanted to gain experience with social media because it is primarily what I would like to do upon graduating.  I also thought Her Campus was a great addition to Stout and love the types of articles that are written and wanted to support the organization. 

HC: What kind of advice would you give someone in a social media director position to connect content and current events in a relevant way?

RK: It is important to think about what will catch your audience’s attention and I do this by being conscious about what I personally view on social media and by tracking what posts do well and have a good response.  Timing your posts right and at relevant times is also really important.

HC: What’s your favorite social media site to post on-as the HC UW-Stout’s social media director?

RK: Twitter.  I like coming up with short and clever posts that are also engaging. 

HC: How do you manage your time with school and a social life along with posting?

RK: I have to incorporate it into my schedule.  I usually post in between classes and again after dinner and now it is just a habit!

HC: How are you going to use this experience in your future career?

RK: I now have actual experience with social media that I can apply to my future career.  I have learned a lot about written communication and how to engage with an audience creatively.  Also, working for a national magazine looks really good on a resume!


Celeb Crush: Ian Somerhalder

Favorite Ice Cream: Salted Caramel

Favorite App: Spotify

Favorite HC Section: Blog

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