Meet HC Member-Olivia Viktora!

Not only is this soon-to-be junior the newly elected Her Campus Social Media Director in training, she is also the last campus celeb of the 2014-2015 year! This Stoutie is more than deserving of this title for her involvement in Stout’s HC chapter, but also with HC Nationals and her fashion blog, Like Riding a Bike. This fashion forward student has nothing but exciting things ahead of her, and with her driving passion for writing and fashion the sky is the limit. Take note of this name, because you could very well be seeing it in renowned magazines in a few years!

Name: Olivia Vikora

Major: Professional Communications & Emerging Media

Year: Almost a junior

Hometown: Milwaukee

HC Positions: Writer & Social Media Director In-Training

Member Since: September 2014

HC: Why did you choose to attend the University of Wisconsin-Stout?

OV: I originally wanted to come to Stout because I wanted to branch off and get away from home. I wanted to go somewhere that put me out of my comfort zone. But, it was here that I discovered the PCEM program and fell in love. I really enjoy the classes that are offered and the smaller student body that allows for more one-on-one time with the teacher.

HC: What’s your favorite place on campus?

OV: My favorite place on campus would have to be the cubbies under the stairs in the MSC. I like that it’s tucked away and cozy. It is a great place to avoid working on the tons of homework you have due.

HC: How did you hear about HC UW-Stout?

OV: I first heard of Her Campus my freshman year through articles shared on Pinterest. At the time, Stout didn’t have its own chapter yet. Though I was pleasantly surprised the next year to find out a chapter had been started, and I made sure to join right away.

HC: What prompted you to get involved?

OV: I hadn’t been in any clubs previously and I was looking for something to be a part of. I wanted to join an organization where you felt as if you were working towards something.

HC: We know you recently got involved with HC Nationals, tell us about that and what you do?

OV: Well, this year my fashion blog Like Riding a Bike became a part of the Her Campus Blogger Network. It is a group of bloggers that share inspiration, give advice, and support each other. Her Campus provides us plenty of support and gives us monthly challenges. We also are given the opportunity to receive sponsorships and work with well-known brands.

HC: What ideas do you have in store for the upcoming HC year?

OV: I have a lot of new article ideas in mind. Next year, I want to start something like a “most fashionable student” project and start showcasing the student style on campus. I will be working with a fellow member to come of up with new giveaways and more ideas on how to get the student body involved.

HC: Where do you get your inspiration?

OV: I get my inspiration from all over. A lot of it comes what I see is current and trending. I study fashion editorials and pay attention to what content is shared the most on social media. Pinterest is always a great resource.

HC: What are you plans and aspirations for your future?

OV: In the future, I hope to be writing for a fashion publication such as Seventeen or Nylon. I’d love to work in New York where the fashion community is much larger. I will also continue to improve my blog and would even like the chance to do it full-time.


Favorite App: Instagram or Depop

Favorite Movie: Perks of Being a Wallflower

Dream Job: Fashion Journalist

Dream Vacation Spot: Japan or Morocco

Ideal Saturday Night: In bed watching Netflix


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