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Meet Dance Ensemble President: Jeanette VonHaden

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at UW Stout chapter.

We are a club with members of all levels and backgrounds and the fact that we can put our differences aside to create artwork, is really inspiring.

Name: Jeanette VonHaden

Major: Human Development and Family Studies

Year:  SENIOR!!!!

Hometown: Tomah, WI

HC: What made you choose to attend UW-Stout?

JV: As a senior in high school, I had no idea what I wanted to do or where I should go, but I had a few friends and family who had come to Stout before me and I decided to tour just because. The second I got on campus, I knew this would be my home! Everyone was so friendly and willing to go above and beyond to help us… And I wasn’t even a student yet.

HC: What’s your favorite thing about Stout?

JV: The people. I have made so many great friends throughout the past four years. All of the friends from my major, my freshman year neighbors, my professors, there are just so many great people on this campus and I feel really fortunate to have met so many amazing people.

HC: How are you involved on campus and in the community?

JV: I have been involved in the Stout Dance Ensemble every year I have been on campus. This year I have the amazing opportunity of being the President of DE. I have also worked with University Housing for the last three years- I spent one year as an RA in South Hall and two years as the Desk Services Manager for Fleming|Hovlid. I also recently have become an intern in the Admissions Office, which is a blast!

HC: What was your favorite thing about being an RA?

JV: When I was an RA, the best part was my floor. We definitely had our up’s and down’s, but what do you expect with 29 freshmen girls? They could always make me smile and laugh on those really tough days with their crazy shenanigans and the occasional cake pop. Shout out to the 2013/2014 2A ladies! As a DSM, I still have a few resident interactions but not as many as before.

HC: Tell us about one of your weirdest/funniest/most bizarre experience from being an RA on duty? 

JV:  Well, I used to have prank wars with one of my staff members at the time. He decided that it would be a great idea to scare me during our midnight rounds, so he took a terrifying doll head and placed it in one of the creepy closets in the basement right on the shelf at eye-level. So, at 12:30 at night, in a dimly lit basement, I opened a closet door and screamed until I lost my voice. Needless to say, that was the end of that war…

HC: How did you get involved with Dance Ensemble?

JV:  I have been dancing since I was really little in a studio back home and was part of my high school’s dance team, so dancing has always played a big role in my life. During Backyard Bash, one of my friends dragged me over to their booth and wouldn’t let us leave until I wrote my name and info on the sheet. It was the best decision of my life. I have had some of the most incredible opportunities through DE and have been able to continue dancing.

HC: Tell us a little bit about what it’s like running Dance Ensemble and what it means to you.

JV: Being the President of any organization is a lot of work, but I feel really lucky because I have one of the best exec boards ever. They make my job so much easier so that I can focus on making sure the behind-the-scenes things are running smooth. Its difficult somedays and I have definitely had moments when I would like to just go back home and go to bed, but what keeps me going are the faces of the dancers. We are a club with members of all levels and backgrounds and the fact that we can put our differences aside to create artwork, is really inspiring. Everyone in our club has so much passion for what they are doing, that it makes all of the work that the exec board and I put in, so worth it. We’re more than just a club, we’re a family- as cheesy as it sounds!

HC: What can we expect from Dance Ensemble the rest of the year?

JV: Well, we have been working really hard to prepare for our recital this semester! The shows are on Friday, April 15th at 6:30pm and Sunday, April 17th at 1pm. Both shows are at the Menomonie High School and tickets can be purchased closer to the recital dates at the Service Center Desk or online. We are also joining a lot of other organizations in fundraising for Relay for Life this spring! The actual Relay event in on April 22nd but donations are being accepted until that day.

HC: What are your plans and aspirations for the future?

JV: I graduate in May and have started applying for jobs recently. I hope to be working in the field of Student Affairs, more specifically in Admissions. I love getting to see students succeed and help them find the resources they need for that! I really don’t know where I will wind up, but I’m excited for a change and the unknown adventure that the future holds.


Favorite Spot on Campus: The big booths in the Fireside Lounge in the MSC.

Favorite TV Show: This is a toss-up: Grey’s Anatomy, Criminal Minds or The Office.

Favorite Food: ALL OF THE FOOD! Specifically, Raspberry Sherbet.

Dream Vacation: I love beaches… Any beach anywhere will do!

One Word Your Friends Use to Describe You: Goofy


Jackie is currently a UW-Stout junior pursing a major in Professional Communications and Emerging Media with a concentration in Applied Journalism, working towards a career in Public Relations. Jackie is the Campus Correspondent, as well as a Feature and Campus Celebrity writer for the UW-Stout chapter. Originally from the east coast, Jackie has lived in the unfavorably cold state of Minnesota for most of her life. She enjoys blogging, music, spending time with her friends and family, cheering on her favorite MA sports teams, comedies, and simply getting up and being active. Jackie has many plans and aspirations, but has just begun her future as a writer.