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Meet Campus Cutie Aaron Wisecup

Name: Aaron Wisecup

Major: Early Childhood Education

Hometown: Monticello, MN

Year: Junior

Relationship Status: In a relationship

HC: How would your friends describe you?

AW: Optimistic, enthusiastic, fun to be around

HC: How are you involved on campus?

AW: On the football team, Stout Student Ambassador

HC: Why did you choose to go to Stout?

AW: I came here for my major and because it was affordable. I really love the campus!

HC: What are your plans after graduation?

AW: Go back to my hometown, teach first grade, coach football and start a family.

HC: What is something about you people might not know?

AW:  I’m a big mama’s boy!

Aaron is #49

Favorite Sport Team: Minnesota Vikings

Favorite TV show(s): Big Brother. I want to be on that show someday!

Dream Vacation: Australia

Favorite Hobby: Anything athletic. Probably basketball

Favorite animal: Cats

Favorite Movie: The Pursuit of Happiness


*All photos courtesy of Aaron Wisecup*

Vanessa studies Early Childhood Education at the University of Wisconsin- Stout. She hails from southeastern Minnesota and currently lives with her fiance in Wisconsin. She is the proud dog mom of 2 fur babies, Marley and Daisy.
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