Local Student Gets A Head Start on Post Finals Celebration

Local Anthropology student Mckenzie Moore has started her semi annual post finals celebrating early this semester. Usually one to end up with late finals, and being stuck on campus long past most have already left, Moore has lucked out and finished her requirements early. 

"I'm graduating this semester, and I have a job lined up for literally three days after the ceremony. Finals week always happens after graduation, so I had to get approval to get everything done ahead of time. So I submitted my projects a week or two early, and then I had to arrange a special time to come in for those last exams. Now that I'm technically done with everything, I just have to bide my time until I can put on that graduation gown. And lucky for me, I can take full advantage of those graduation drink specials while I wait."

Mckenzie's friends have all expressed sadness of her impending departure from their college town, and extreme jealously for being completely done with school responsbilties. "All of this week and next I'm going to be ripping my hair out getting everything together, and then there's Mckenzie over here looking at Airbnbs to stay at for her new company's retreat.