Local Student Feels Diffusion of Responsibility in Online Lecture

Since starting the semester strong, Accounting student Shelby Lynn has been experiencing a phenomenon she didn't prepare for. Back in January she was ready to hit the ground running with meditating, planning, and healthy living. Now it's two weeks before finals and she's stuck in online lectures feeling major diffusion of responsibility. 

"My professor just talks so quickly, you know? He'll brush through a new concept, and then ask if anyone has any questions. And of course I have like a million questions, but I don't want to be the person that asks. I'm always on the edge of my seat waiting for somebody else to say something at the 11th hour."

Reports have confirmed that Lynn goes through the stress of the diffusion of responsibility on an almost daily basis now that classes are online, and hasn't learned how to mitigate it in the slightest since then.