Local Student Antagonizes Dog Before Finals

Months into self-isolation left Computer Science student Debby Nichols with a lot of adjusting to do. Beyond moving back home, ruining her dogs life, and getting into the thick of it with online classes; she got a new dog!

Reportedly the sickness going around made it hard for Debby's neighbors to take care of their four month old golden retriever mix, Hunter. And suddenly the Nichols family was glad to oblige when asked to be the dog's new home. While the very active Hunter doesn't really seem to get along with their quiet and reclusive pug Minnie, Hunter and Debby are fast friends. So much so that it's been confirmed that Hunter is a big part of Debby's routine in preparing for finals.

Our reporters say that this routine includes Debby antagonizing Hunter through throwing a racquetball around in the basement, and having Hunter run around as it ricochets against walls and storage. 

"I'm not sure how much Hunter is enjoying this, but it gets him to wind down before bedtime, so he doesn't wake everyone up at 5am. I think even Minnie is grateful for that. Not to mention it is kind of cathartic watching him chase after like six racquetballs at once."

Disclaimer: Satire