Landing The Internship: Travis Varebrook


Student: Travis Varebrook

Year: Senior

Major: Packaging

How you found the company:

I found Worldpak Flexible Packaging through the Stout Career Services Co-Op Vacancy positions page on CareerLink.

Information on the company:

Worldpak Flexible Packaging is a company that was formed in 2003 in Reno, Nevada. They cover a plethora of products in the flexible packaging industry for markets such as:

  • Food & Beverage (Meat, Poultry, Dairy & Seafood Vacuum Packaging, Salty Snacks, Confectionery, and Convenience Food Packaging)
  • Pet food & Treats
  • Medical & Pharmaceutical.

Why you’re in this major:

I was very intrigued by the fact that a development I make or project I work on could end up being the deciding factor for why a consumer purchases a product.

How you contacted them:

I first sent a resume and cover letter to the company.

How you made your first impressions:

I had to make my first impressions by displaying good written communication skills through my resume and cover letter.

How your interview went:

My first interview, which was a phone interview, went well. It was very basic and consisted of letting another individual know more about myself. The second interview was a Skype interview with three other individuals. I thought this interview was a slam dunk as I basically got to talk about my past work experiences and share my knowledge of the packaging industry.

How you answered your interview questions:

I tried to take a breath before answering my questions and think of how to approach the questions. A lot of the answers came easy as I was able to relate the situational questions to experiences I have already encountered at my first internship. I also tried to relate my answers to the job description to try and keep the interviewers intrigued.

What you’re going to learn from this internship (if you know):

I am going to learn more about the flexible packaging industry, the types of machines/processes used by this company, more about the specific materials I will be handling, and lastly I hope to learn what industry I would like to work in upon graduation.

Why you wanted to go to another state for an internship:

The fact that this is not a full time job yet, I figured I might as well work in other parts of the country while I can, to see whether or not I can see myself living there. Being that this is only temporary (3-4 Months) I see this as a great opportunity to venture out.