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James Charles x Morphe Palette: A Review

Hi, sisters!

Okay, I’m sorry. I couldn’t resist starting out this article like that since it’s all about sister James. Before we get into the palette review, I’m going to give some background about James Charles for those who don’t know him.

James Charles is a nineteen year old beauty guru on Youtube that has over 14 million subscribers. He posts a variety of videos (all having to do with makeup, of course) throughout the week. He was also a spokesperson for the brand Covergirl in 2016, but has since moved on.

Late last year, James collabed with Morphe Brushes and released his very own palette and brush set at Ulta and Morphe. Since his collection has come out, the palettes and brushes sell out in no time, making it so restocks happen every 3 weeks! Thankfully though, I was able to get my hands on one of the palettes before they could sell out. So, let’s begin with the review.


There are 35 colors, which is A LOT and you can do a whole bunch of different stuff with them. The huge thing is pigment when it comes to eyeshadow. I can confirm that all of the colors are extremely pigmented and make for a really bold and beautiful look when on. They’re all really easy to blend together as well.

As our dear friend Jeffree says, makeup companies can never get purple shades right because there’s just something about the pigment that makes it hard to capture. However, Morphe was able to get the pigment for James’ palette perfect. The purples are absolutely beautiful.


Because of pigment, some eyeshadows tend to stain the skin after being wiped off. That is the case with this palette. They do have a warning on the outside box though. It isn’t a dramatic stain, but it’s subtle so you can tell if you look at it really hard. The red, blue, and black are the ones that leave the darkest stains.


Another sure fire thing for eyeshadow is how it lasts throughout the day or however long you’re wearing it. I’ve worn this to work, to school, and have even fallen asleep with it on (don’t come for me) and it has looked just as strong and bold as it did when I put it on, as we can also see from Mr. Jeffree Star.


When buying makeup, price is something that plays a HUGE role. I don’t normally spend a lot for makeup, especially on eyeshadows when I could just get some from E.L.F that are just as good. However, after a lot of contemplation, I decided to bite the bullet and spend $38 of my own money on this palette. It’s a slew of colors and it’s really good makeup, so I knew that I wasn’t going to regret it. Plus, other than the Kylie liquid lips I have, I don’t really spend a lot for makeup. I figured that it was justified. That, and it makes me look cute when I go to work so there’s that.

So, I would say that this palette has an extremely positive review from me. Who knows, maybe I’ll get daring and do some wild makeup looks someday and compile photos for a future article.

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