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I Bought a Ring Light for My Instagram and I Regret It

So before you read this and assume that I am some self-absorbed selfie addict, hear me out. I like Instagram just as much as the next college student and just like anyone should, I enjoy posting high-quality content. That means no fuzzy drunk selfies or Snapchat filtered photos. It is quite rare when I post a regular selfie because I rarely take the time to actually take a good photo where my hair and makeup look presentable and I’m not doing something weird with my face; not to mention background and outfit. So when I do, I make sure that photo looks perfect. Below is my most recent Instagram selfie taken without a ring light. 

Anyone who has attempted to take a good selfie knows that lighting is key. It can really make or break a good picture, and when you have over 300 people looking at your most recent picture, you don’t want to embarrass yourself. So I decided to look at prices for a ring light. I wasn’t planning on spending over twenty dollars on it. I looked on Amazon and I saw miniature selfie lights that clip onto your phone and I almost bought one, when a $35 ring light showed up on my search. 

At first, I was like, “I am not going to spend that much on a ring light for Instagram.” But after looking into it, I saw that I could get about ten dollars off my purchase. Plus, it has three different lighting settings. Somehow my impulses took over and I ended up buying it. A few days later, it came in the mail. 

Excitedly, I opened the package and assembled my new purchase. It stands about five feet fall and the ring is 13 inches around. To my disappointment, the light is not very bright, so I have to stand rather close to get it affects. Also, it’s not very sturdy and it collapses as soon as I turn my back. It’s not the worst purchase I ever made, but if I could go back, I would get the smaller one that clips on your phone. Unless you’re a model and have a room with ring lights in every corner, I would not recommend anything larger. Plus I had to explain to my family why I had a huge ring light in my bathroom and that was not worth it. 

Katie is a student at UW-Stout majoring in Professional Communications and Emerging Media. Her hobbies including cuddling with her Golden Retriever, Dante, watching Netflix in her bathrobe, and of course, writing! 
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