How to Survive Social Distancing as an Extrovert

Unfortunately, the Coronavirus doesn't seem to be going anywhere. We're dealing with cancellations throughout the country and the world. To limit the spread of the virus, health professionals are recommending everyone practice social distancing, and basically go under a version of quarantine while we wait for the next steps. That begs the question - what do you do when you rely on social interaction as an extrovert? Here are some handy tips to get you through this rough period!

  1. 1. Online Viewing Parties

    Thankfully we live in the golden age of video sharing and streaming. It takes a little bit of dedication, but your weekly tradition of watching Brooklyn Nine Nine with your girl gang doesn't have to be affected! Try downloading an app like Kast and get those social vibes going!

  2. 2. MANY Forms of Streaming!

    There is a ton of content you can find available for streaming these days. One of the biggest sources for this is through Twitch. They even have plenty of non-video game content to check out!

  3. 3. Video Chatting

    Miss your bestie's face? Wanna hear your roommate being annoying from a distance? This is the way to go! You have FaceTime, Skype, Microsoft Teams, and dozens of other ways to get around the separation. Comcast is even offering 60 days of free internet to low income families!

  4. 4. Social Media Queen

    Now is your time to shine! With online lectures, and a working hiatus, you've never been more free. Take some time and learn all about this "influcencing" thing. Figure out if you like Tik Tok. When you're back in action in a few weeks, your coworkers might stop calling you Boomer!

  5. 5. Dog Time!!!

    How often do you usually get in quality time with your pup? Roll around on the carpet, go over some tricks, take some laps in the basement; you can't go wrong!

  6. 6. Self Care

    With all this free time, you don't have to wait until Sunday. Face masks, nail painting, and hair twirling don't have to be on hold wiating for a "wanna hangout?" text. You deserve some time off!

We can do this y'all! We will be back in fighting shape in no time to take on the introverts!