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How To Get Rid of Pesky Split Ends

Split ends are a hassle for everyone. Not only do they look bad but they also create snarls that are painful and exhausting to get out! The term “split end” refers to the splitting or fraying of the hair shaft. The condition is medically called trichoptilosis.  It’s caused by thermal, mechanical, or chemical stress that wears away the protective, outer layer of the hair cuticle. The most effective way to completely get rid of them is to simply get a haircut and cut them off. Otherwise, if left untouched, they could continue to split the way up the length of the hair. Fortunately, there are remedies to help protect your hair and keep it damage-free. These natural solutions are both easy and cost-saving. Both your hair and your wallet will thank you!



1. Coconut Oil



Coconut oil is a great way to make those split ends disappear! Coconut oil is rich in fats that help repair, strengthen, and moisturize the hair. This product is avaiable in-store and online, but you may find better prices on the web. Use about two tablespoons of extra virgin, organic coconut oil and apply it to your dry hair before showering. Rub it all throughout the hair, focusing on the ends, and wait for the oil to be absorbed before you hop in the shower. Afterwards, pin your hair on the top of your head, get into the shower, and let the steam intensify the oil’s effects. After washing your face and body, take down your hair and shampoo/condition as normal. After you get out of the shower, pat your hair dry. While it’s still barely wet, you can apply a tiny bit more of the coconut oil to the ends (this works especially great at night).


2. Castor Oil



This oil is great for hair, skin, nails, and scalp. Again, when looking on the market for the best castor oil, keep your eyes out for ones that are 100% pure and cold pressed. Make sure it comes in a dark bottle because the product is sensitive to light and should be kept in the dark for longer shelf life. There are many different uses and ways to use castor oil but generally there are some common ones. You can use this product to massage directly into clean, damp, or dry hair. However, it can also be applied to stretch marks, the face, hands, feet, and nails. Castor oil can also be mixed with other natural oils and butter to make DIY luxurious intensive moisturizers. (Tip: Using this on the ends of the hair before you sleep will repair your hair faster!)


3. Argan Oil



Argan oil has been raved about for years and it does wonders for hair! It’s rich in healthy oils that repair, strengthen, moisturize, and prevent splitting. It also helps to treat current split ends effectively. To start, get a light amount of oil onto the palms of your hands, gently rub your hands together to warm up the oil, and simply apply to your hair. This works especially great at night after a shower. Let the oil sit in your hair and do its magic. In the morning, rinse your hair with shampoo and conditioner.


4. Egg Shampoo Trick



This home treatment is so simple and easy to do. To begin, all you need is an ounce of rosemary (preferably fresh) and one egg. In a pint of hot water, steep your rosemary for about 20 minutes and then let it cool. Once it’s cooled down, beat your egg into it, and massage the mixture into your hair. Follow up with a rinse just as you would with regular shampoo.


5. Avocado



Avocados are great for your diet and your hair! For those who eat lots of avocado, they have seen their hair and skin get extremely soft. The oil in avocados makes for an ideal hair and skin treatment. All you have to do is mash up an avocado and massage it into damp hair. Make sure you get your split ends coated well. Let it set between 15-30 minutes and rinse it out. 


6. Mayonnaise



Mayonnaise is extremely rich and moisturizing for hair. It helps tame split ends and moisturizes hair all at once! On freshly shampooed hair, work the mayo through the length of the hair, with special attention to the ends and minimal attention to the scalp. Leave the mayonnaise on for 1 hour and rinse it out. 


7. Brushing Your Hair



You’ve probably heard many times before that brushing your hair while it’s wet is bad. For example, if you use a paddle brush on damp hair, it stretches out the hair and damages it, causing split ends or breakage. If you absolutely have to brush your hair, you should use a wide tooth comb and gently comb through the hair which reduces the chances of damaging it.


8.Switching Out Your Shampoo and Conditioner



It’s clear that using more natural products on your body is better. Using lots of chemicals can lead to more and more split ends. Although those products are much more expensive, you can try cheaper alternatives that are specifically designed to repair damaged hair.


9.Using More Natural Products



When using any sort of hair products, try to spend a bit extra to help out your hair! If you struggle with split ends, reducing the amount of products you use daily can greatly help your hair heal naturally. If you already have healthy hair, using natural products can maintain that healthy state and prevent split ends as well. 


10.Hair Protectant



Protectant is key if you constantly use heat on your hair. This includes curling irons, flat irons, hot rollers, and hair dryers. If you use hairdryers on a daily basis, a good heat protectant will help protect your hair from even more damage. If possible, try using less heat on your hair and experiment with time-saving, overnight hairstyles. Bottom line: protect your hair and it will stay healthy.


There are countless products, homemade recipes, and remedies for split ends and many of them are cost effective. When dealing with split ends, decide if you need a haircut. If it’s not bad enough to get your hairdo redone, try the methods mentioned above. Remember, the more natural products you use and the less heat you apply, the better!

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