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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at UW Stout chapter.

Girls always seem to be busy. We are constantly on the go and never seem to have enough time to do our hair. Curling your hair can take forever on a time constraint. But with these tips and tricks you will be able to save tons of time on your hair. Seriously, it’s so easy you’ll wonder why you don’t do this all of the time. So no matter if you’re rushing in the morning or just a busy gal on the go, read on to see how you can have a more relaxed routine with still gorgeous hair!



Step 1: Prep Time



Brush out your hair and remove all the tangles and knots that might be lurking. Then apply your favorite bottle of heat protectant. Be sure to keep it away from the roots. Then, take your brush and work the product through to the ends of your hair.


Step 2: Create a High Ponytail



After completing step 1, grab all the hair and tie it up into a super high ponytail. The higher up you can get the ponytail, the better. Once you’ve secured your ponytail, make sure you have a handful of bobby pins ready to go in front of you. Also turn on your curling iron to a high or hot setting, but not hot enough to burn your hair! I also suggest using a wand for curling because I think it makes the process go along a lot quicker. However, feel free to use whatever you’d like for curling. 


Step 3: Sectioning the Ponytail



Now, depending on how much time you have to curl your hair and how thick or long it is, the sections you create will vary. I suggest that those with thicker hair create smaller sections and those with finer hair create bigger sections. For those who don’t have much time at all, I suggest splitting your ponytail into 3 equal sections. Just remember, bigger sections will also create looser waves!


Step 4: Curling Time


Grab your first section (usually ½ to and 1 inch section) and begin to curl the hair away from the face. Lightly touch the hair to feel if it’s hot because that’s how you know you can remove the curling iron from the hair. Hold the hair until you feel the heat coming through. After holding for about 10-20 seconds, release the hair from the curling iron into your hand. Do not let the curl drop, but if it does, carefully curl the hair back up. From here, simply grab a bobby pin with the bumpy side down and pin the curl on top of your head. Repeat until you have curled and pinned all of the sections. Although it’s not necessary at this step, you can spritz the curls with some hairspray for some extra hold.


Step 5: Cool Down and Let Down



After curling the entire pony tail, wait until all of the curls are completely cooled down before removing them. If you are in a time crunch, try using a blow dryer on the cool setting to help speed along this process. The best part is removing the bobby pins and letting down those gorgeous curls. Simply remove the ponytail, hairspray the curls as desired, and voila! You’re all done and ready to go in no time at all!



It seems like there’s just never enough time to get ready, especially in the morning. For all those busy girls out there, try this way of curling your hair and I guarantee that it will help shave off lots of time while still making it seem as if you spent hours doing your hair!

That’s all I have! Now get out there and look fabulous.

Hello! My name is Elizabeth Jacobson, but most people call me Liz for short. I am a sophomore this year at UW-Stout to get my Bachelors degree in Business Administration. I plan to have an emphasis in entrepreneurship so that after college I can pursue my dreams of owning my own store. I have a passion for writing. I love new ideas, meeting new people, and exploring different things in life. 
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