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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at UW Stout chapter.

Zac Efron is working, after a homeless fight, and will make an appearance at the MTV Movies awards. 

The former High School Musical, star was allegedly punched in the mouth by a homeless person on a Sunday morning during an altercation in downtown Los Angeles. The Los Angeles Police department stated that they were taken to the scene by a nearby person to see the crime and assess the situation. There was physical action between the two men, but the authorities would not identify Efron or any other parties involved. 

Despite fighting homeless people, Efron appears in the movie “Neighbors”, a raunchy comedy about a young couple living next to a frat house. This is anyone’s nightmare when they buy a new house!


Christina Aguilera Is Expecting a Baby Girl!

The “Genie in a Bottle” singer has just sprung some exciting news on us! A few weeks ago she announced that she was engaged to her long time boyfriend, Matt Rutler, and now has even more sparkling news: she’s going to be having a baby girl.  The couple has been together for three years and met when Christina was filming “Burlesque.” This will be Aguilera’s second child; she has a six-year-old son, Max, with her ex, Jordan Bratman.

Amanda Bynes “Doing Great” Post-Rehab!

Being one of the hottest stars under the age of 30, Amanda Bynes had it all; a well know TV Show, some romantic comedies, and the chance to be a role model to young girls. But all that started to slow down and eventually came to a halt.  After going through a rough patch, she’s now looking like the Bynes we all fell in love with! With just finishing a quarter at Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandise, the starlet is looking amazing.  According to an anonymous source, her studies are going great and loves putting time and effort in learning about fashion to make her stand out.

The once-troubled girl appears to be starting fresh in a new life. With 2013 being very difficult for her, 2014 is going to be the year that we see the light in her face! Knock ‘em dead Amanda!


Juan Pablo-Galavis Gets Booed During Appearance in Atlantic City.

It’s safe to say that Juan Pablo-Galvis is probably the least favorite bachelor in the shows many seasons. While visiting Atlantic City, to host the club, After Dark he didn’t get a very friendly welcome.

As he made his presence to the audience, they were mixed with thought about the most controversial bachelor that ABC has seen. Some people cheered, clapped and smiled at him while others were booing; despite maybe not being able to stay for booing at him. “The Bachelor” alum had drinks spilled on and thrown at him, which just shows that’s he is one not very likable man. In reality, his 15 minutes of fame is done! That’s a wrap Juan! 


Selena Gomez Served

Looks like a Disney Channel Star has just been served some papers, but don’t worry, it’s not Selena Gomez. Instead, it’s on her off and on boyfriend, Justin Bieber. Gomez was present when Bieber allegedly attacked paparazzo, José Duran, in a parking lot in May 2012. 

Gomez has been ordered to appear on April 23, 2014 in Los Angeles, where she will be questioned about what she heard and saw on that day and after. Will she tell the truth about what she saw or would she cover for her ex-beau by saying it never happened? Only Gomez would know the secret.


Laura (Lo), originally from Milwaukee, WI, is an alumni of Her Campus and the University of Wisconsin - Stout. She majored in Professional Communication & Emerging Media and Strategic Communication. Lo was involved with Her Campus as a High School Journalism & Publicity Ambassador, Chapter Advisor and Campus Correspondent for HC UW-Stout. Laura is currently a Social Media Specialist for Fence Talk Digital and does freelance writing occasionally. Feel free to follow her on Twitter or add her on LinkedIn.