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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at UW Stout chapter.

Dear Campus Community:

Welcome to the start of a fresh year on our beautiful campus! Her Campus-Stout, otherwise known as “Stout’s BuzzFeed” is excited to be part of your campus experience. Our organization has so much in store to make this the best year yet!

This is a big year for Her Campus – Stout, as it is one for fresh ideas and renewed energy. Our Campus Correspondents, Gaby Bleese and Stephanie Zengler, have been hard at work over the last several months brainstorming and planning how we can work best for our campus. If you’ve been with us for a while, as a member, a reader, or guest at an event, you’ll be sure to notice some changes in our operation. We will still be distributing the dazzling entertainment content you’re used too; but also some new local features that we’re sure you will soon fall in love with. 

If you’re familiar with Stephanie’s writing as our resident alcohol writer, you don’t have to worry about missing each week’s installment of what she’s drinking and dishing. While taking the helm as our new Senior Editor, Stephanie will continue to write content surrounding alcohol and other engaging topics.  With our writing team full of new and veteran voices, be prepared for fresh articles to captivate you between classes.

Our social media platforms on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter (@hcuwstout) will be managed by our resident influencer Gaby. She is currently working on getting set up with Snapchat and YouTube as well. Fun Fact: Gaby actually has a Snap score of over 1,000,000! If you’ve been following us on our socials, or have seen us this year on campus, you’ve probably noticed that we’ve changed our look! With the help of a brilliant graphic design student, we’ve been given a face-lift. And we are glowing!

Some of you may have participated in our campus events in the past, and you can look forward to some great ones on the horizon! Mark your calendars for November 25th! We’re holding a PMStival; packed with activities and comfort food to destigmatize menstruation. Keep a look out for games, community engagement, and fun-draisers to come!

One more surprise that we can let out of the bag is that we have just started a sponsorship with Garnier! Soon we will be rolling out articles, a social media campaign, and events around this fantastic company.

We have so much in store for this year and hope that you can be apart of it! You can continue to find our articles at hercampus.com/uw-stout, on our socials @hcuwstout, and around campus. We’d love to see you at one of our weekly meetings, in the comments of an article, or in our inbox!

We’re looking forward to enhancing your collegiate experience with our best year yet!


Her Campus – Stout

Stephanie Zengler is a Business Administration major and Communication Studies minor, and she completely understands if you think her last name is actually Ziegler. Like a lot of business majors, Stephanie has a favorite Andrew Carnegie quote, and like a good communication minor, has very strong opinions on the Oxford comma. Aside from being a Stout student, Stephanie is an avid fan of Bay Area sports, Fleetwood Mac, and the amazingly perfect show Dollface.
Gaby Bleese

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UW-Stout freshmen. I'm British born, yet American Made
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