The Her Campus Guide To College Life Review

Since its birth in 2009, collegiettes around the nation have turned to Her Campus for advice, on everything from careers to relationships, and everything in between.  We've scoured articles about safe hook-ups, and ravaged through posts about finding internships.  Her Campus has always been there, whether we're getting over hard breakups or just searching for an easy procrastination enabler.  And now, as if an answer to all of our collegiette prayers, they've officially released their first book: The Her Campus Guide to College Life: How To Manage Relationships, Stay Safe And Healthy, Handle Stress, And Have The Best Years of Your Life!

Written by the cofounders of Her Campus, think of this book as your best friend, your counselor, or your guide to surviving college in style.  Rather than searching through hundreds of blogs and articles to find guidance on your burning questions, this book condenses all of the best tips and advice into one easy-access place.  Here's your exclusive sneak preview of the contents of this college bible!

Staying Safe In College

This section provides useful and innovative advice on preventing theft in the dorms and around campus, tips on smart partying and safe hook-ups, preventing sexual assault, and deciding if studying abroad is smart for you.  Feeling safe on campus allows you to relax and begin to enjoy your university experience.

Staying Healthy on Campus

This part gives the obvious and not-so-obvious lowdown on staying fit and healthy throughout school.  Skim this section for guidance on choosing healthy options in your university cafeteria, nutrition in the dorm room, inventive ways to stay fit and dealing with eating disorders.  It also provides the honest truth on smoking, drugs, and alcohol on campus.  Also, look to this part for tips to relieve stress and ensure your mental health, as well as how to handle STD worries and methods of safe sex.

Developing Smart and Successful Relationships

This part may be the most important as we look into networking for our future careers.  Look to Part 3 for direction in maintaining good relationships with your roommates, getting on the good side of your residence hall staff, benefiting from conversations with your professors, and romantic relationship tips.  Learn how to assess the health level of your peer relationships and get the most from your friendships.

Building a Balanced Social Life

Part 4 is your guide to making the most of your extracurricular organizations, mastering Greek life, prioritizing social activities with academics, and social media dos and don'ts.  Having a good social life is part of what makes college so worthwhile.  It's important to learn the proper balance between having too much on your plate and not having enough.

Managing Your Money and Career

This section breeds financial success through learning the ins and outs of financial aid/scholarships and landing jobs and internships.  These skills are important to ensure you're not drowning in debt by the time you graduate and accept your dream job.  


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