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Hauntings in Menomonie

Jeter, Tainter, and Callahan Dorm  (JTC)

Built in the mid 1950’s JTC is the oldest dorm on campus. The University claims that many of the “hauntings” can be traced back to the relative age of the building. However, unexplainedresearch.com says, “maintenance workers would report strange noises during the summer when no students were present. They also reported that they would find doors that had been locked, were suddenly unlocked, and vise versa. The maintenance workers also reported windows that were open were somehow closed (and visa versa) when they later checked the room. One female student reported that when she entered the downstairs TV room in Tainter, the TV began to turn on and off and a piece of furniture slid across the room and hit her.  The official explanation of the sliding furniture from the RA was that the dorms were not level when they were constructed, so the piece of furniture slid down the slope. Most activity seems to take place in the basement of Tainter. Kitchen staff has reported objects being moved and hidden and there have been several electrical anomalies with the radio. Unfortunately, over the years JTC has seen several suicides. After paranormal research it was concluded that the remaining spirits mean no harm to anyone.


Devil’s Punchbowl

Being a popular location for students, Devil’s Punchbowl has been known for several types of hauntings. There are have been reports of seeing strange orbs of light which have been known to resemble a gnome being 3-3 ½ feet tall. Being a scientific study area, water collected from Devil’s Punchbowl is considered “enchanted,” because of the usually long last cold temperature and clarity for many days after extraction.


Wilson Place Mansion

While many classes take field trips to this mansion, few realize that it is actually a haunted building. Although it is only rumored, few have experienced a woman in white creeping around a room where she supposedly died.


Caddie Woodlawn Park

The white house located at Caddie Woodlawn Park has been known to have cold spots, footsteps in boarded up sections of house, and creepy children’s laughter, but who is behind all this? While the park is a couple miles outside of Menomonie, the younger sister, Mary Woodlawn, died at a young age and is said to be buried in an unmarked grave on the property. Although there are two houses on the property, Mary only haunts the larger white house.


Lookout Tower at Mound Hill Park

Nicknamed The Dead Mailmen Haunted Castle, the Lookout Tower at Mound Hill Park was originally constructed in 1937 to be used as an observation tower, picnic pavilion and memorial to Dunn County postal workers. There have been several reports of weird lighting and an obvious push as viewers walked down the stairs.


Mabel Tainter Theater

Although the Mabel Tainter is considered to be one of fifteen most spectacular theaters by CNN, it is one of the most haunted places in Menomonie. In 1886, Mabel, a 19 year old girl at the time, unexpectedly passed away.  There have been many reports of seeing strange lights in the windows, hearing chains rattling and seeing a woman in white walking the hallways.

On December 6, 2008, The Mabel Tainter allowed paranormal investigators for an overnight visit. Amongst the “strong feelings” and the feeling of a presence, the crew captured a female voice saying, “Get out.”


Elk Lake Dam

Located 13 miles east of Menomonie on February 15th, 1974, Mary K. Schlais was found murdered on the banks of Elk Lake. The murderer of this hitchhiker was never solved and remains a cold case today. Almost 40 years later, Mary is said to stand along the banks, vanish while standing on the road, and visit the locals.


Building 200

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