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Hair Donating For A Spring Haircut!

If you are looking for a change now that spring is here, a haircut could do just the trick. For those with longer hair who are looking to make a change for themselves and also a change for someone else in need, donating hair is not only extremely easy but also rewarding. For countless organizations dedicated to turning donated hair into wigs for those in need, be sure to check their guidelines before donating. Below are guidelines and everything you need to know before donating to Locks of Love.



Acceptable Guidelines:

·         Hair that is colored or permed is acceptable.

·         Hair cut years ago is usable if it has been stored in a ponytail or braid.

·         Hair that has been bleached (usually this refers to highlighted hair) is not usable. If unsure, ask your stylist. They are not able to accept bleached hair due to a chemical reaction that occurs during the manufacturing process. **If the hair was bleached years ago and has completely grown out it is fine to donate.

·         Hair that is swept off of the floor is not usable because it is not bundled in a ponytail or braid.

·         Hair that is shaved off and not in a ponytail or braid is not usable. If shaving your head, first divide hair into multiple ponytails to cut off.

·         They cannot accept dreadlocks. The manufacturer is not able to use them in the children’s hairpieces. We also cannot accept wigs, falls, hair extensions or synthetic hair.

·         Layered hair is acceptable if the longest layer is 10 inches.

·         Layered hair may be divided into multiple ponytails.

·         Curly hair may be pulled straight to measure the minimum 10 inches.

·         10 inches measured tip to tip is the minimum length needed for a hairpiece.



Locks of Love also notes that:

·         Shorter hair will be separated from the ponytails and sold to offset the manufacturing costs. Although the shorter hair cannot be used in the hairpieces, it still greatly helps to reduce costs.

·         Gray hair will be accepted and sold to offset the manufacturing costs.

·         Colored hair is not usable if it is colored over bleached hair.

·         Because Locks of Love creates custom hairpieces for each child, they are unable to accept donations of wigs, falls, hair extensions or synthetic hair.



Who They Serve:

Locks of Love is devoted to helping every child suffering from medical hair loss, thus, they do not discriminate as to the cause of hair loss. Our recipients are financially disadvantaged children, age 21 and under, suffering from long-term medical hair loss from any diagnosis. Most of their children suffer from an autoimmune disorder called alopecia areata, which causes the hair follicles to shut down. In addition to the loss of scalp hair, many also lose their eyelashes, eyebrows, and all body hair. This hair loss is permanent in most cases, and there is no known cause or cure. Other recipients have been victim to severe burns, cancer survivors, or suffer from any number of skin disorders that cause permanent hair loss.



Benefits To Children:

The children who receive these hairpieces have lost more than their hair; they suffer from a loss of self. Many children have been teased by classmates and/or embarrassed by the attention they receive because of their hair loss. They often will withdraw from normal childhood activities such as swimming, going to the mall or even playing with their friends. While wearing a hairpiece is certainly not a cure for these children, it can help restore some of the normalcy to their everyday lives that most of us take for granted. It is Locks of Love’s goal to help provide a foundation on which they can begin to rebuild their self-esteem.



Why They Are In Need:

There are several problems facing children who suffer long-term medical hair loss. Most wigs sold by retailers are made to fit adult heads and are much too big for children to wear. They often require the use of tape or glue to keep them from falling off, and these adhesives can burn or irritate the scalp. Often, the styles of adult wigs are not age-appropriate and synthetic wigs can mat and frizz with excessive styling.



How To Donate:

·         10 inches measured tip to tip is the minimum length used for a hairpiece.

·         Hair must be in a ponytail or braid before it is cut.

·         Hair must be clean and completely dry before it is mailed in.

·         Place the ponytail or braid inside of a plastic bag, and then inside of an envelope.

·         There is no maximum length you can donate.

If you wish to receive an acknowledgment for your hair donation, please fill out the hair donation form, or write your name and e-mail address or mailing address on a full-size separate sheet of paper and include inside the envelope. We cannot acknowledge donors who do not send their name and address according to these instructions.

All hair donations must be mailed to Locks of Love at 234 Southern Blvd. West Palm Beach, FL 33405-2701

If you want to get involved, go to locksoflove.org or call (561)-833-7332.



You can help get a child’s confidence and life back and also get a fresh new haircut for springtime. It’s a win-win. No matter if you decide to help organizations like Locks of Love, Wigs for Kids, or Pantene Beautiful Lengths Campaign, you are helping to change lives. Your donations are worth more than you think and instead of throwing all that hair away, you can help those in need! 

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