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Greek Week Candidate: Rachel Guck

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at UW Stout chapter.

Name: Rachel Guck

Year: Sophomore

Major: Graphic Design, Speech Minor


HC: Which fraternity/sorority are you representing?

RG: Alpha Phi!

HC: Aside from the Greek community what are you involved with on campus?

RG: I am employed through University Housing as a desk assistant and work for Ally Initiatives in the Involvement Center.

HC: Why did you choose to run for Miss Greek Week?

RG: I was nominated by my sisters and thought it would be a fun opportunity to show the campus and Greek community how passionate Alpha Phi is about our sisterhood, philanthropy, and our love for Greek life!

HC: Why should you win Miss Greek Week?

RG: I feel I should win Miss Greek Week because Greek life has made a huge impact on my life. I want to show the campus and community that Greek life is a positive experience and holds many great opportunities for students!

HC: What’s your favorite part of Greek Week?

RG: My favorite part is the competitiveness that goes on throughout the week! As well as being able to come together as a sisterhood and cheer your sorority or fraternity on!

HC: What’s your life motto?

RG: “Go with the flow.”

HC: Anything else you want to add about yourself? Fun facts?

RG: I traveled to five states in less than one year ranging from New York all the way to California.

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