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Great Date Spots in Menomonie

There are several options of what to do in Menomonie, but here’s a list of possibile places to take your date to!

Marion’s Legacy

Dessert, dessert, and more dessert! Marion’s Legacy is The dessert place in town, and is really cozy. So many different kinds of fantastic dessert options, I’d almost guarantee you’ll be satisfied.

Acoustic Cafe

Acoustic Cafe has a little bit of everything. They of course feature various coffee drink options, Italian sodas, local brews, and more. Known for having many food options, including some vegetarian dishes, Acoustic Cafe also makes their own bread, which can be topped with delicious hoagie options. It’s barely off campus, so a great place for anyone without a car, or anyone who just wants a walk. The Raw Deal is also a great place close to campus, though it doesn’t  have as much of a food variety as Acoustic Cafe.


Great pizza and brews. The atmosphere is also a fun mix of bar-room and a setting that’s close enough to have a good conversation. It may be a bit more than most college students would spend on a meal, but at Lucette, it’s worth it.

Bond with animals at the Pic-a-Pet

Good for any time since you can get quality time cuddling with puppies and kittens. May seem like an underrated date idea, but everyone I know who’s done this as a date had rave reviews.

Red Cedar River

Take a walk along the Red Cedar river. If the weather’s nice, it’s a really relaxing place to spend a few hours.

Blue Devil Productions Free Movie Nights

A movie is always nice, but a free one is even better. Blue Devil Productions usually picks pretty good movies too, which is a bonus. This Friday will be Fantastic Beasts.

*Please visit these places with and without a date; their uses aren’t restricted for dates.

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