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Grade A Tweets About the Astros Scandal

We're a week into MLB's Spring Training, and things are getting heated. Word has officially come out that the American League Championship team, the Houston Astros, did some shady stuff to be as successful as they've been. Which should really come as a surprise to nobody, as the Astros have been an underperforming team for a very long time. They shouldn't be going toe-toe with the Tigers, much less the Athletics. Nonetheless, it's been quite some time since baseball was rocked by a scandal like this, and we've seen the invention of memes since the Black Sox Scandal of 1919. Here are just a few solid jokes to last you until opening day!

  1. 1. Children's Books

  2. 2. More Cheating Implications

  3. 3. Getting Historical

  4. 4. The Investigation Process

  5. 5. Giving the Nationals Their Rightful Praise

  6. 6. Children's Disapproval

    Shout out to Isiah! Kid knows what's up. 

  7. 7. The Shame Tour

    Do you really need an excuse to go to the Coliseum?

  8. 8. Sports Definitely Aren't Short of Scandals...

  9. 9. Is 2020 Going to be the Year Stadiums Have Better Signs than Concerts?

  10. 10. Spring Training Retribution

"Say it ain't so, Joe."