Forgotten and Hidden Study Spots on Campus

1. Behind the Great Hall in the MSC. Many students forget that behind the Great Hall there are some couches, benches, and armchairs for students to catch up on homework in a quiet environment.

2. The Library! 5th floor is the quiet study floor, but 4th floors has some comfy love sacs, 3rd floor has some study rooms, and 2nd floor has a little niche of armchairs ready for you to utilize!

3. Red Couches on the 2nd Floor in Comm. Tech. If you are a CMG major, and frequent the Comm. Tech building (let's be honest, you almost live there) these couches are your favorite to get stuff done, out of the lab. 

4. Table Top Outside Ask 5000. Yes, another forgotten place to get your homework done! You most likely won’t see many people you know to interrupt you and your studies (unless you frequent ASK 5K).

5. Dorm Basement Study Rooms. My freshmen and sophomore years while living in the dorms, I found the study rooms in the dorms I lived in were quiet and there was always something available for late night studying when my roommate was asleep or when the lounge on my floor were too distracting.

6. Jarvis! There are so many little quiet places in Jarvis that sometimes aren’t used enough! But that’s what makes them the best places to study and get homework done. The third floor is probably the most relaxed and quiet of all the floors in Jarvis.

7.  The Involvement Center. If you're a muiltitasker who gets things done while also enjoying conversation with passing by friends, the Involvement Center is the place for you.