Five Benefits of Being a Calm Person

I'm not a very calm person, as I'm frequently reminded. Anyone who talks to me for more than a few minutes reminds me to lower my pitch because I get easily excited and sometimes sound like a dog whistle. I'm often recommended to calm down, which I haven't really felt a need for. Looking into it however, there are several huge benefits to being a calm person, which I'm going to talk while remaining the opposite of a calm person. 

  1. 1. People Respect and Appreciate You

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    People work best when they're not constantly on edge. When someone is working with a calm person, they tend to become more open and effective. Calmness in the workplace is a very powerful tool.

  2. 2. Effective Listening

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    If you're constantly waiting for your time to talk, you're not really listening to what other people are saying. You might as well just be talking to yourself at that point. However, calming yourself down and taking an active listening approach will pay off ten-fold in conversational settings. 

  3. 3. Less Strain on Vocal Cords

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    Being not-calm and being loud can sometimes go hand-in-hand. And as such, those loud noises being made are putting tension on your vocal cords that a lot of attention and care is going to require. 

  4. 4. More Time to Relax

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    When you're a very high strung person, you've got to schedule time in the day, or the week, to calm down. Making time like this in itself is a stressful procedure. When you're a calm person, you don't have to jump through hoops to relax. You can just show up and have a chill time. 

  5. 5. Living Longer

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    Being calm means that you're becoming a master of handling stress, which helps you mitiate stress-related health issues! Imagine not having a stress induced ulcer on the horizon. 

Being a calm person is a commitment, it's not something you can just shut on and off. Committing to the calm lifestyle however really pays off considering all the benefits you can get from it. I know I'll be trying it out!