Female Artists to Follow on Instagram

Instagram is full of inspiring women. Here is my list of female artists you need to follow on Instagram! (Not sponsered by Instagram ofc.)



  1. 1. Myrmidia

    Myr's drawings are so inspirational, the way she draws hair is memorizing. You wish you were her.

  2. 2. Stephasocks

    Steph is one half of the YouTube duo Doodle Date. Her cute characters and style are sure to make you gush. She has a comic on Webtoon called "Cereal Fairies" and a book called "Doodles & Me" available on Amazon.

  3. 3. Drawingwiffwaffles

    Rin is another art YouTuber who is known for her comic "Magna Girl" and sketchbook tours. Her videos are addicting and entertaining! 

  4. 4. Meyoco

    Meyo's art screams aesthetic. You'll want to go to her online store and get as many prints as your bank account allows. The pastel colors she frequently uses blends super well with her soft line art.

  5. 5. Kloodwig

    Klood's watercolor and colored pencil drawings are sure to amaze you. Follow her if you want inspo for drawing faces!

  6. 6. Rodistic

    Rod's style is very unique and is constantly changing. She uses her lines to bring a sense of movement to her pieces.

  7. 7. Jessiehark_

    Jessie's drawings seem simplistic at first glance, but she has a strong sense of anatomy and portraying emotion. If you want inspiration for cartooning and portraits be sure to follow her. 

I do hope you give all these girls a follow and support their work!