Creative Ways to Use Evernote to Organize Your Life

Since using Evernote, my busy life has become a little more manageable. Before Evernote, I had been an avid paper planner user because I couldn’t seem to find a simple app that was efficient enough to use in place of paper organizers. I realized that having paper planners every day just wasn’t fitting the bill and I needed to find some application that would fit my on-the-go lifestyle. I came across Evernote while working at my new job and found it too easy to use! Evernote allows you to streamline your life. The app syncs to your devices so you are always up to date on your laptop and phone when you make changes. You can use Evernote for smartphones, iPads, Kindles, and PCs. Evernote also has extensions for Google Chrome, Safari, Internet Explorer (IE) 7+, and Opera. It’s effortless to organize your notes, lists, and photos as well! Here are a few creative ways to use Evernote (the free app) to organize your life and get rid of paper planners.

  1. Notebooks. You can create Notebooks to categorize your notes and lists. Some examples I used Evernote for are classes, work, shopping lists, bills, clubs and organizations. You can also categorize any recipes or DIY projects you find on the internet using Web Clipper.  
  2. Dating Notes. When creating a new note, put it in the Notebook that the note categorizes with, tag the note with the date it is due (00/00/00) that way you can easily find what is due the day before or the day of when you are looking at your tags.
  3. Sharing Notebooks. If you are doing a group project or have a shopping list with your roommates or significant other, you can share notebooks with others so they can see anything from that notebook. This way, instead of email your class group every time you change something in your project, they can see the changes and notes you have prepared. What’s really awesome is that the folder will sync right away to the devices the notebook was shared to.
  4. Saving Pictures. You can save any picture! Save your work schedule, class schedule, written notes, maps, itineraries, or even receipts (so you don’t have to carry them around you all the time if you save them.)
  5. Online Reports and eBooks. Can store PDF files, online reports, and eBooks. Read on the go without your PC. 
  6. Vacations. Make lists, save entertainment and restaurant webpages, take pictures of itineraries or of pamphlets you found but don’t want to carry around with you. You can have all this information in a Notebook to find easily.
  7. Passwords. Create a Notebook where you can put your passwords and usernames for any websites you might not want to forget! Super easy to document if you are making profiles on the web because you can have Evernote up and you can just record everything easily side-by-side.
  8. Emails. Copy and paste important emails you might not want to forget about. Then you can use tags to find it easier than going through your entire mailbox to find that important email from two years ago.
  9. Search Terms. When you are searching for a document or note that you saved on Evernote but you can’t seem to remember the date that you gave it, you can go to the search box and type any word that could be in your document and Evernote will find any note that has the same word that you are searching for that is within your document or note.