Chester See: The New Songwriter That Your Soul Didn't Know It Needed

I first discovered Chester See back in my YouTube days when I actually spent time watching random funny videos. I remember stumbling across Chester through another YouTuber that I watched often, Ryan Higa. I was instantly hooked. He sings both covers and original songs. His songs are mostly piano-led, slow, romantic songs that will for sure get you in the feels. I would most closey relate his singing to John Legend or Ed Sheeran, so if you like them, you will like him. His voice is such magic, that he totally changed my opinion on cover songs, which he nails every time. I still don't totally understand why he isn't more well-known, but if you haven't heard some of his songs, I would definitely give it a listen. It also helps that he is super cute. 


Here are some of his songs that are worth a listen...or 20 listens. 

  • Under My Breath
  • Everything
  • I'm Falling for You
  • Who Am I To Stand In Your Way
  • Close Your Eyes With Me
  • What Sarah Said
  • Hakuna Matata (Cover)
  • Meant to Be (Cover
  • Unsteady (Cover)
  • The A Team (Cover)