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Celebrating Underappreciated Female Comedians

Funny women are a national treasure. They should really have their own exhibit at the Smithsonian. Not one dedicated to “Women Who Are Actually Funny”…because that’s awful. But really, just some celebration for the amazing women that light up our lives. If you don’t know a lot about women comedians, strap in for some you’ll soon be obsessed with. 

Rachel Parris

Parris is a UK powerhouse. She’s currently working on the British show The Mash Report, creating witty feminism bits that are shared the world over. 

Where You Can Find Her: The Mash Report

Iliza Shlesinger

I’ve loved Shlesinger for years now. Her Netflix special “War Paint” gave me a new outlook on the tanacity of sheep. When her newest special “Unveiled” came out in November, there was a viewing party involved!

Where You Can Find Her: Netflix Specials (War Paint, Freezing Hot, Confirmed Kills, Edler Millenial, and Unveiled), Steve Anders’ Instant Family, and on tour. 

Chelsea Peretti

Truly one of the greats. You might recognize Peretti from her special on Netflix, her iconic role on Brooklyn Nine Nine, or just being seriously amazing. 

Where You Can Find Her: Netflix Special (One of the Greats), Brooklyn Nine Nine, and Popstar: Never Stop Stopping. 

D’Arcy Carden

The Janet we all deserve! Carden is the heart and soul of NBC’s “The Good Place”. And she’s even more amazing off camera. 

Where You Can Find Her: The Good Place, Barry, and Netflix’s Let It Snow.

Katie Willert

An artist, activist and a powerhouse of a comedy writer! You might recognize her from the former Cracked video series “After Hours” or her work with the Upright Citizens Brigade. 

Where You Can Find Her: Cracked, UCB Comedy Originals, and Close Up by E! News.

Michelle Wolf

Michelle Wolf is actually the last comedian to have performed at the White House Correspondents Association Dinner. Wolf showcased her comedic strengths with such a force, that the association is scared to bring in another comedian for the indefinite future. Beyond the controversy, Wolf has had a history of slaying comedy; from her time on Late Night with Seth Meyers, her Netflix deals, and countless comedy sketches online. 

Where You Can Find Her: Netflix Special (Nice Lady), The Break, and Late Night with Seth Meyers. 

Katie Marovitch

A longtime prolific member of the CollegeHumor cast, Marovitch has made her name in offbeat sketches about drug dealing, addiction, and problematic tendencies. 

Where You Can Find Her: CollegeHumor’s Dropout Show “Kingpin Katie”

Amber Ruffin

Another winner from the writers of Late Night with Seth Meyers. She has been iconically cracking jokes and doing sketches alongside Meyers since 2014, and only gets better with each episode. 

Where You Can Find Her: Late Night with Seth Meyers, and Michelle Wolf’s The Break

Nicole Byer

I’ve personally been in love with Nicole Byer since her days on MTV’s Girl Code. She always gave the best advice! She is still as iconic as ever, now serving as the host of Netflix’s Nailed It!

Where You Can Find Her: Loosely Exactly Nicole, and Nailed It!

Jenny Hagel

Yet another amazing lady from the comedy team of Late Night with Seth Meyers! It’s no wonder Mindy Kaling’s character wanted to work there in the movie Late Night. Hagel has been with the team for years, and iconically recaps news events and works alongside Amber Ruffin in the iconic bit “Jokes Seth Can’t Tell.”

Where You Can Find Her: Late Night with Seth Meyers

If you’re having trouble finding funny women, you’re looking in the wrong places. If Seth Meyers can continue to find insanely talented women for his writing team, then you can at least find a good comedy special! 

Stephanie Zengler is a Business Administration major and Communication Studies minor, and she completely understands if you think her last name is actually Ziegler. Like a lot of business majors, Stephanie has a favorite Andrew Carnegie quote, and like a good communication minor, has very strong opinions on the Oxford comma. Aside from being a Stout student, Stephanie is an avid fan of Bay Area sports, Fleetwood Mac, and the amazingly perfect show Dollface.
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