Cardi B and Offset are Getting a Divorce and We Finally See Kulture

Recently on Instagram, Cardi made a surprising announcement. She said that she and Offset would be getting a divorce. Apparently, this had been coming on for a while, which is confusing because in an Instagram post from late November she posted a video of him dancing saying how she loved her baby daddy. She made it clear that they are still friends and she still comes to him for things because, in the end, he is the father of her baby. 


This must have sparked some new change because the next day, she posted a picture of baby Kulture. For those of you who don't know, Cardi B has been very private about her baby and has never posted a picture of the baby's face until now. 

Perhaps Offset was the one who wanted Kulture to stay off social media, and now that he and Cardi split, Cardi felt she was able to do what she wanted? Or maybe Cardi was just waiting for the right moment to reveal Kulture to the public. Either way, Kulture is every bit as cute as we imagined.