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Campus Cutie: Meet Madison Gillis

Name: Madison Gillis

Major: Student Affairs

Hometown: Medford, MN

Year: Sophomore

Relationship Status: In a relationship

HC: Describe yourself in 3 words 

MG: Outgoing, loving, organized

HC: Why did you choose Stout?

MG: I chose Stout because I liked the small town feel.

HC: What are you involved in here at Stout?

MG: I am the membership VP for Gamma Sigma Sigma.

HC: Favorite study spot?

MG: I like to study in Harvey Hall because I just love how it all looks inside.

HC: Plans after graduation?

MG: My plan after I graduate is to get a masters in school counseling.

Speed Round

Favorite Colors: Pastels

Hobbies: Hiking, watching Shameless, eating Chipotle 

Favorite movie: What Happened to Monday

Favorite place to go: Home :)

Dream vacation: Anywhere warm and beachy! 


Photo credit: Madison Gillis

Katie is a student at UW-Stout majoring in Professional Communications and Emerging Media. Her hobbies including cuddling with her Golden Retriever, Dante, watching Netflix in her bathrobe, and of course, writing!