Bet You Didn't Know This About #ActuallySheCan

We have a new little surprise in our HerCampus survival kit this season, and that surprise is a variety of adorable tanks from a feminist company called "Actuallyshecan." Besides being perfect for the gym and yoga class, the company behind these tanks are very support-worthy. 

"ActuallySheCan is a community designed to guide, empower and encourage women to pursue the life they choose," the website reads. They believe that every woman should be entitled to have just as many equal rights as everyone else. Yay woman power! There is a good reason why they are in our survival kit.

Actuallyshecan is composed of four major themes: mind, body, soul, and birth control. For the mind, they give tips for growing your network and they provide female mentorship. They also tackle some issues that don't always get discussed, such as birth control. For the body, they talk about what women should be talking to their doctors about. The soul section discusses goals that professional women should think about. 

Actuallyshecan believes in giving women choices. They provide information on IUDs and birth control pills so that women know what options they have. It is important to support companies that support women. Even though we have come so far in terms of women's equality, there is still a ways to go. We can start small by being strong, informed women.