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The Best Parts of Long Distance Dating

Cody and I met June of 2013, right before the start of my senior year. At this point, I had already decided on attending UW Stout, which is a short 4 hours away from our home town. I was worried about how the distance would affect us, but he was adamant that we could make it work.

Fast forward to now, March 2017 and we are still going strong. He is now in his first year at a college in North Dakota, making us a whole state apart. It’s never been easy, but always been worth it. Long distance is daunting, and often seems as if it’s an up-hill battle. But if there is one thing I have learned in these (almost four) years of doing long distance, it’s that it is always, always, worth it. Here are my five favorite things about long distance relationships:

1. Not having to shave.

I mean, this is pretty exciting. What girl doesn’t love an excuse to not shave for months?

2. Skype dates. 

I love Skype. And Facetime. Planning a time to sit down and Skype each other will never get old and the butterflies I get as I wait for the call to connect can never be beat. One of my favorite things to is work on homework together over Skype. Even if it is just sitting in silence, working on homework together makes you feel closer and not so distant.

3. You are both able to have your own life. Spending this time apart means you are both fully able to grow into your own person, apart from your significant other. You both have ample time to pursue passions and interests. Being interested in other passions, activities, and relationships isn’t betraying your long-distance significant other, it’s making you a more well-rounded, interesting, and happier person so that when you both come back together, you are better people because of it.

4. Communication game is extremely strong. 

Rarely being able to communicate in person, and mostly through text means that you both have to step up. Slacking in the communication department almost always guarantees failure for LDR. You also find creative ways to communicate! Try sending letters or packages for an extra touch. 

5. Always something to look forward to.

There is really nothing better then seeing your person after weeks or month of being apart. Time often seems to drag on when you are apart, but the minute you are back together all is right with the world again. Long distance relationships aren’t going to work for everyone- but with the right person, you can make it work.


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