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All women go through the ups and downs of finding the perfect makeup; something that gives you all day coverage, matches your skin tone, and is healthy for your skin. Sometimes it seems never ending, but have no fear, I may have the solution for your makeup woes!

When I first started wearing makeup I used BareMinerals and have never regretted my decision. I can imagine after trying hundreds of different brands and still not finding the right one for you, it can be taxing on your emotional well-being, however, I highly suggest you try BareMinerals for three reasons… 

#1 Quality

This is one of the most important pieces when choosing the right makeup.  BareMinerals is an all-natural makeup made from various minerals so you know that you’re not putting achillea millefolium (Whatever the heck that is!) on your face, AND they never test on animals! The foundations come in a tone perfect for everybody’s skin tone and don’t even get me started at the selection of colors for eyeshadow…I could literally stare at them all for days! In addition to knowing exactly what is going on your skin, this brand lasts FOREVER!  I have had the same eyeshadow for quite literally 2 and a half years and I am certain that I have gotten my money’s worth.

#2 Value

Money is tight for a lot of collegiettes right now, between tuition bills and chipotle burrito bowls calling our names, we tend to go for the seven dollar foundation rather than springing for something that’s good for our faces. BareMinerals is a little on the spendy side of things; eighteen dollars for a container of foundation seems like a whole lot of dinero. BUT, when you think about it, that amount for this quality makeup will last you easily 3-4 months, plus you’re eliminating all of the harsh chemicals in other lines of makeup.

#3 Selection

Have you ever walked in a store and had your jaw drop, besides Forever 21 at the Mall of America, of course? Well, when you walk into a BareMinerals store that’s exactly what you can expect. You walk into a brightly lit room with shimmering walls, gorgeous chandeliers, and not to mention, the INSANE display with hundreds of different beauty products. There’s brushes, lipsticks, mascaras and blushes; there’s so much in that store that it’s hard to even process it all. The best part about this store is how organized the it is. I have yet to see something not in its exact spot in one of the stores.  I may be an organizational maniac but it makes me so jazzed for life. I mean, LOOK AT ALL OF THIS! IT’S BEAUTIFUL!!

I love this product and couldn’t imagine using anything else, what’s not to love? It’s good for your gorgeous face, it comes in tons of colors, and it’s worth the extra moola. You can find this product in Ulta, Sephora and obviously the BareMinerals stores! I highly recommend trying to perfect your smokey-eye using their plethora of shadow colors and take a gander at their selection of lipsticks as well. I promise you will not be disappointed!

Special Education major at UW-Stout. Supplementing my education with my Beyonce obsession, Netflix, and being a princess. 
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