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Athlete Highlight: Laurisa Titterud

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at UW Stout chapter.

Meet Laurisa Titterud, a junior Mid-Distance Track and Field athlete who is originally from Lino Lakes, Minnesota.

Titterud participated in track in middle school, but didn’t take it seriously until she entered high school. There, she was able to continually improve in each event, and also had the opportunity to race with her sister.

After high school, Titterud made sure to choose a college that had an impressive program. When she visited Stout, she met with the Professional Communications and Emerging Media program director and knew that this campus would be a good fit.

Before every race, Titterud gets nervous, but focused. She says, “I often visualize my race or set a goal time that I want to hit before I run.”

Titterud recently qualified for the NCAA Division III indoor championship last weekend. She will be participating in the 400m as well as the 4x400m relay.

The offseason is a busy time for Titterud as well. During this time, she enjoys “running long distances and hills, lifting, and taking care of her body.” She does this because she is a firm believer that these actions will set her up for success.

When asked to give some advice to high school track athletes, she says to “be patient. It takes awhile to adjust to the college life as well as being on a new team. You may not see the results you want right away, which I think is normal for track athletes, so be patient.”

She says that her coaches and parents are the most influential people in her life. When asked why, Titterud said “they influence the way I see myself as an athlete and give me the confidence needed in order to perform well.”

There is a lighter side to this impressive runner, though. When asked if there were any humorous stories from past track seasons, Titterud said, “At the state meet in high school, I was running down the home stretch in front of everyone at full speed, when I tripped, fell, and tumbled.”

After graduating, Titterud hopes to travel the world before she begins life in the “real world.”

Photo Credit: Danielle Magnuson; Matthew Schauf

Laura is a senior at UW-Stout studying Professional Communications and Emerging Media. She is an outside hitter on the varsity volleyball team. She enjoys puppies, football, and chocolate-covered anything, and doesn't remember the last time she wore jeans. One day, she hopes to marry Iron Man.
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