Athlete Highlight: Carl Bombardier

Photo Credit: Amanda Lafky, UW-Stout Athletics


Four years ago, Carl Bombardier traveled over 1200 miles to begin his journey at UW-Stout. One of the main reasons why he chose Stout was for the hockey program.

Bombardier has set the bar high on and off the ice.

“I always try to be a positive influence on my teammates [in the weight room, classroom, or in the community], and we have been heading in the right direction.”

Over the years, he has helped change the UW-Stout athletic department into what it is today.

As the president of SAAC (Student Athlete Advisory Council), Bombardier has made it a mission of his to build relationships between the varsity teams on campus.

On top of this, Bombardier says, “I think I helped SAAC be more cohesive. Although I am the president, the members of SAAC are the real leaders.”

Although SAAC is a major part of Bombardier’s life at UW-Stout, he is also involved in Men’s Rugby, the Chancellor’s Intercollegiate Athletic Advisory Council, a member of SSA, the Financial Affairs Committee, and many other groups on campus.

Not only is Bombardier busy with athletics and organizations, he is busy in the classroom. With two majors (health, wellness, and fitness; dietetics), and two minors (coaching and business), Bombardier is almost always busy.

He says, “I would rather be busy than bored.”

Something many people may not know about Bombardier is that he is passionate about music. He has turn tables set up in his garage, and enjoys being the DJ at his friends parties.  

Bombardier plans to graduate in May of 2015 and plans to head to Dallas, Texas to further pursue his dreams.