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Whether you like it messy, tight, simple, bold or lop-sided there’s a bun style for everybody and every occasion. Buns are a perfect option for anytime; it doesn’t matter if you’re looking for sleek look for a night on the town, a messy masterpiece for a lazy Sunday afternoon or if you’re just looking for the Mona Lisa of bun building…have no fear, you’ve come to the right place.

There are three key elements of a bun: the placement, the volume, and the texture.

#1: Placement

Placement is all dependent on where you are. If you’re at a black tie event you might want to keep your bun on the DL, literally. When your bun is at the nape of your neck you are saying “hey, I’m very mature, but super hot.” It’s a very elegant look. If you’re lounging in your pj’s with cha gurls, a top knot is absolutely perfect. Placement can be a tricky thing in those in between scenes, for those, you can’t ever go wrong with a low placed bun.


Volume is where it is your time to spread your wings and show how bold you can (or want) to be. You can achieve Tracy Turnblad volume in many ways, it can be done by teasing your hair, forcing it to be voluminous with bobby pins securing it, or putting a bun donut in. It all depends on what you want your bun to say! For example, a sleek look is usually paired with a bun donut and teasing around the donut or for a messier look it usually just takes a mixture of mousse or beach spray to create a lazy Sunday look.

#3: Texture

Texture is the element of your bun that sets the tone for your total look. Texture can be done in several different ways, with several different products. Personally, I am a fan of a top knot that’s just a little messy with some wispies. To achieve my look I use hair spray and a comb to tease it a little for the “just rolled out of bed” chic look. Many girls use mousse or a sea salt beach spray to give their hair a little extra curl. Texture really is all about what part you want to play. Slicked back and sleek says “I mean business”, a slightly wispy ballerina top knot says “I look fabulous without even trying”, and a thrown up messy bun says one of two things “I woke up five minutes ago” or “it’s finals week.”

Buns are perfect for anywhere, anytime and anybody! (YES, that means you boys!!!) They can be worn out, to a black tie affair, or chilling on your couch watching 13 Going on 30 for the 398th time. Buns are always great and I’m not just talking about the ones on your head ;)

Special Education major at UW-Stout. Supplementing my education with my Beyonce obsession, Netflix, and being a princess. 
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