Always Be My Maybe Review

Always Be My Maybe is a rom com on Netflix, which intrugued me when I saw the trailer after hours spent scrolling. Yes, I am reviewing another romance movie; very ironic since I am single. 

I loved the movie, it was great to watch while procrastinating homework. I love one of the main actors, Randall Park who plays the love interest Marcus to Ali Wong's character Sasha. The movie is about childhood friends (and lovers?) meeting later in life and getting back together. They argue and fight, but have undeniable chemistry. They are the cutest movie couple I have ever seen.

Sasha is a total boss and I love that. She makes more money and is way more successful than Marcus, but she is still just as loveable and humble. I both love and hate Marcus. When he is nice and funny, I love him. When he's a straight up asshole, I hate him. But his douchery is justifiable, so I love him most of the time. A lot of the scenes are funny, but a few are sad. Like when we find out that Sasha's parents don't spend any time with her, or when Marcus' mom dies. She really doesn't have a family all her own, so Marcus' mom is basically her mom. So it's extra sad when she died and Marcus gets angry with her for caring. This is one of the moments I especially hated him. 

One of my least favorite scenes' is with Keanu Reeves. Don't get me wrong I love Keanu, but the scenes just make no sense and don't fit at all. Like the scene where Marcus and Keanu fight? And why is Sasha even dating Keanu? It just confuses me which is really frustrating. Otherwise, I loved all the other scenes.

I didn't cry during this movie, but I don't mind that. This movie is a rom com, it's not supposed to make you cry. I did laugh many times, but no tears from me. 

You should definitely watch Always Be My Maybe if you have spare time, it will cheer you up and make your night!