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8 Signs You Are a College Tour Guide

Around the age of eighteen many high school juniors and seniors make one of the most life-changing decisions of they will ever face. These students travel all over the country touring colleges, from New York to LA, Minnesota to Texas, and everywhere else in between trying to find their perfect school. Choosing where you will be for the next four years can be a lot of pressure, especially since many kids still rely on mom to do their laundry! (Guilty as charged) Being a tour guide is one of the best jobs I will have in my young adult life. I help students make a decision that I never thought I would be capable of making. My job is to make my university every student's #1 choice. However, having copious amounts of love for your school is not the only thing that most every tour guide has in common. Here are eight signs you know you're a college tour guide.

You walk backwards like it's your day job 

Get it? Because it is...

Your friends expect you to know all the answers to every question they could possibly have

What is the exact date and time that the student center was opened?

It's a normal occasion to be up before the sun on a Friday for a Preview Day

As long as there's coffee and donuts you're a happy camper.

You know each person in your tour group in some roundabout way 

“Do you know Brad?” “YES!” “Oh my gosh, he’s my cousins, nephews, best friends brother!”

Even when you tell an absolutely terrible joke you know that at least parents will laugh at you

If you look to the left, there is Hugh Morris library. Haha..ha..ha

You secretly get excited when somebody says they're interested in your major 

Then you realize you're fangirling over a kid you don't even know and have to remind yourself to calm down.

You know how to deal with all sorts of questions and kick butt doing it too


I promise your kid will be safe on campus... You have the BEST job on campus

While you can have pain-in-the-neck students, parents or you just gave the "I gave a crummy tour" feeling, you know that you showed off your school like it was the biggest diamond in the Tiffany & Co. store and had the best time doing it.

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