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8 Reasons You Just Can’t Focus In April

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at UW Stout chapter.

Everyone agrees that living in the Midwest our winters are brutal until we get the nice month and a half winter break (Yay, break from reality.) Even though winter seems like it lasts forever, once spring arrives classes seem harder to focus in and homework is more difficult to get through…

#1 Undecided Weather:

“April showers bring May flowers,” unless you live in WI and it’s snowing still. April in Menomonie is the time where you’re ready to whip out the shorts and sweater look yet you’re constantly layering up in case it randomly snows during class. As if deciding your wardrobe wasn’t hard enough.

#2 Sunny Days:

Finally a day of sunshine, high of 60 degrees, you try to tell yourself you will get work done outside. The wind will disagree with you, along with the cuties on campus playing sand volleyball on South campus lawn. (*WARNING: A solo cup will also not help trick you into doing your work outside today.)

#3 Spring Cleaning:

You haven’t dusted since you had company in town but right when you sit down to focus on school work your mind thinks cleaning and packing for home/summer are much more entertaining. Who knew organizing could be so much fun?

#4 End of the Year itch:

With single digit weeks left in the school year, students are finding themselves slacking off after being burnt out from all the effort put in prior to spring break and the school year. You can’t help but think you’re already clocked out for the year.

#5 Finding a Spot in the Gym and in Your Schedule:Everyone’s realizing their summer bodies may need some more work, you have finals to study for and homework to cram and of course someone took your favorite treadmill.

#6 Summer Weather:

Everyone has their mind set on summer, even 50 degrees sounds nice. April marks 5 weeks of class left, finals and then it’s freedom! Most of us have been counting down for summer since the first snow storm.

#7 Summer Plans:

Even though the summer fest line up has been out for a few weeks now, you cannot stop looking at your favorite artist’s name on the list. Grilling, boating, the beach and a weekend at the cabin are also already marked off in your schedule as ‘busy.’

#8 Last Minute Job/Internship Hunting:

Even though you had all semester to plan for your summer internship(s) and/or job(s) you find yourself constantly checking posts about internships and jobs because you just realized the semester is actually ending. Along with the fact you’ll be out a job and your summer budget.

Allison, Currently student at U of Wisconsin-Stout major in Human Development Studies. Hometown Minneapolis MN- it's been a big change from big city MN to small town WI. Huge fan of teacup pigs and anything furry. Always on the move, type of person you can hear before you see.