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The 8 New Superfoods You Need To Try

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at UW Stout chapter.

The days of kale, quinoa and chia seeds definitely are not over, but there are some new superfoods that are ready to make an appearance this year.  Superfoods are nutrient powerhouses that are loaded with antioxidants, vitamins and other health benefits and are great to include in a balanced diet.  So what are the top superfoods that will be trending this year?  Take a look! 

1.)  Jujube- The jujube, also known as a Chinese date, tastes similar to an apple and is packed with potassium and vitamins A and C and even has the potential to inhibit cancerous cells.  This low calorie fruit aids in digestion, weight loss and promotes energy.  The high magnesium content also helps aid in strengthening your bones and teeth. 

2.)  Buckwheat- Despite it’s name, buckwheat actually comes from a fruit seed and is gluten-free.  Buckwheat is high in fiber, manganese, magnesium, copper and zinc making it great for your immune system.  Buckwheat is also packed with 8 essential amino acids including lysine, which promotes collagen production, and rutin, which is anti-inflammatory.   Buckwheat is a great substitute if you are gluten-intolerant and makes tasty waffles, breads and pasta.  


3.)  Brussel sprouts- Brussel sprouts, like broccoli and kale, are a cruciferous vegetable that resembles cabbage.  In only one serving there are more than 20 essential vitamins including vitamin A, B, C, and K.  Brussel sprouts are high in fiber, zinc, potassium and calcium and even offer a generous amount of protein.  They are great in salads or sautéed and served as a side.


4.)  Artichoke hearts- Don’t be fooled by their thorny, tough exterior.  Artichoke hearts have been used as a digestive aid since ancient Egypt times and are proven to lower cholesterol.  They are a great source of folate, fiber and vitamins C and K and are high in antioxidants.  Artichokes hearts have diuretic properties, can freshen breath and did we mention are an aphrodisiac?  

5.)  Manuka honey- Manuka honey is produced from the pollen of the Manuka, or tea, tree.  Honey is known for its powerful antibacterial and anti-inflammatory effects.  Manuka honey has a chemical called methylalyoxol, which other honeys do not have, which is responsible for anti-microbial activity.  Manuka honey can reduce high cholesterol and inflammation and can treat diabetes and gastrointestinal problems.  It tastes great on top of yogurt, oatmeal and toast or as a sweetener in smoothies and makes a great facemask to treat acne! 


6.)  Hemp hearts- Hemp hearts are shelled hemp seeds that is loaded with protein and fiber which help regulate blood sugar and aid in satiety making you feel full longer.  They are high in omega 3 and 6 fatty acids which help stimulate skin and hair growth and maintain healthy bones and joints as well as regulates your metabolism and helps brain function.  Try sprinkling a few on top of oatmeal, smoothies and salads for a nutty flavor. 


7.)  Bee pollen- Bee pollen is made by honeybees and is a popular holistic remedy used around the world.  One teaspoon of bee pollen is richer in protein than any animal source and is rich in amino acids and folic acid.  It can be a great source of energy due to its potency of B vitamins and is proven to treat allergies by reducing the presence of histamine.  Bee pollen also contains enzymes that support digestion.  Bee pollen can be eaten once a day in the morning, added to foods, or taken in the form of a capsule.   


8.)  Acai berry- An acai berry comes from an acai palm tree and is richer in antioxidants than cranberries, blueberries, raspberries and strawberries.  One berry holds 10 times the amount of antioxidants as grapes.  Acai berries are also high in anthocyanin, which aid in lowering cholesterol levels.  Acai berries help maintain weight by reducing the negative effects of a high-fat diet.  They also promote skin health and have anti-aging effects and are even being used in high-end skincare products.  

My name is Rachel Kolias and I am from St. Paul, Minnesota. I am a junior at UW- Stout studying Professional Communication and Emerging Media with a concentration in Applied Journalism. I am a dedicated tea drinker, yogi, Lindy Hopper, musician, blogger and dog lover.
Laura (Lo), originally from Milwaukee, WI, is an alumni of Her Campus and the University of Wisconsin - Stout. She majored in Professional Communication & Emerging Media and Strategic Communication. Lo was involved with Her Campus as a High School Journalism & Publicity Ambassador, Chapter Advisor and Campus Correspondent for HC UW-Stout. Laura is currently a Social Media Specialist for Fence Talk Digital and does freelance writing occasionally. Feel free to follow her on Twitter or add her on LinkedIn.