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7 Things You Will Miss About Stout/Menomonie Over the Summer

1. Two words, Log Jam

Log Jam’s tasty small town burgers and sandwiches are to die for.

2. The beautiful view of the clock tower

Even though the bell can be annoying, the big simplistic clock tower never gets old.

3. Having a parking ticket on your car

Although tickets are never fun, coming back to your car without a ticket just isn’t the same.

4. The view of Lake Menomin

You may not want to actually want to touch the water, but the view is pretty nice.

5. The constant roaring of the sirens

It isn’t a regular day in Menomonie without 30 sirens going off.

6. The small town aspect and that it always feels like home

We may not have a Chipotle or a big mall, but the small town aspect makes you feel at home no matter what.

7. The people

No matter what year you are, you are definitely are going to miss the old and new friends you made in Menomonie. 

Hi, I am a Junior at UW-Stout and I am in the PCEM major with a concentration in Journalism.
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