7 Short Hair Problems

There’s something beautiful and awesome about having short hair. It can be so much easier to maintain sometimes than long hair. No matter what your definition of “short hair” may be, these are all struggles that any girl with “short hair” will deal with on a daily basis.



1. Can’t Do Many Hairstyles

Congrats. Now you have one hairstyle that you’ve mastered and will never let you down. For the other 364 days in the year you proceed to do the same exact hairstyle because there aren't any others that meet your standards.


2. Can’t Just Cut Your Hair When You Don’t Like It

Since you’ve already cut your hair pixie cut short, you no longer can go any shorter without practically shaving it all off - unless you’re into that, which if that’s the case, go for it girl! Unlike girls with long hair who can get haircuts when they are sick of their long hair, you unfortunately have to live with your short hair and mope about it.


3. Wish You Have Long Hair 24/7

You’re constantly checking magazines or Pinterest and wishing you had long hair. You give yourself a headache thinking about all the hairstyles you wish you could do. Hair just can’t grow long enough, fast enough.


4. Harder to Style

Having short hair doesn’t mean you can just roll out of bed and stroll out the door in a few minutes. No! Instead, you wake up and look like you have a small wild animal camping on your skull. Unless you have the right hair products to calm the mess, you can expect to tame that beast for another hour.


5. Hair Is Always In Your Face

For those who have long hair, where if your hair starts to mess with your face, you could just tie it up in a ponytail and call it a day, unfortunately this doesn't work for the girls with short hair. Either you learn to deal with your hair being all up in your face 24/7 or you bobby pin the crap out of it. Either one seems like a lose-lose situation.


6. The Awkward Grow-Out Stage

It’s hard to find the patience to let your short hair grow out and it takes forever, so it seems. As soon as it starts to grow out, you enter that weird stage where your hair doesn’t know what to do. It’s still short but it’s also getting noticeably longer.  But you don’t know what to do with it.


7. No Way to Hide Bad Haircuts

When your friends come up to you and ask if you got a haircut, you reply, “yes” and they say, “Oh it looks...good.” Thanks. I already know it sucks but thanks again for pointing it out. There is just simply no way of hiding a bad haircut!  You can try hats, but those won’t save you forever. You have no place to hide.



All things aside, having short hair can be such a blessing. You can finally run around without having a care in the world about your hair. You love your short hair and wouldn’t change it for the world.