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6 Tricks To Stop Snacking

There is something about snacking that just hooks me. Especially when I’m watching a movie, I feel the urge to be eating something. This can be fairly unhealthy especially when it involves eating before bed. Recently, I made a brave decision for myself and decided to quit with the unhealthy eating and snacking. Here are some tricks I picked up along the way that helped me.

Get rid of the junk food in your dorm

If you really want to benefit yourself, lose the chips. I know it’s cruel, but the temptation is simply too strong when the key to cheating on your diet is five feet away from you. Do yourself a favor and get rid of them either by giving them to someone else or simply tossing them. 

Replace the junk food with some healthier options

Go shopping and replace the chips and popcorn with some strawberries and almonds. I’m not going to lie, you are going to miss the junk foods at times, but you’ll be better off for it. Hopefully, you get yourself to the point where you are craving the healthy food instead. 

Drink more water

You think you’re drinking enough water? Nope, drink more. It is proven that if you drink a glass of water before and after a meal, you will not eat as much and you will stay full longer. If you feel snacky and know you just ate, your body might be telling you that’s it is thirsty. 

Keep yourself busy

Do you ever get really bored watching TV and turn to snacking? Try distracting yourself by doing something else like sipping on a glass of water or playing with silly putty. The key is to not get bored enough to start snacking again.

Stay Consistent

Keep going and stay strong. Your body deserves to be treated right, so treat it right. 

Allow yourself a cheat day

It’s important to stay consistent, but we are only human and cutting all the delicious snacks we love forever would be too cruel. Maybe once a week, allow yourself to go get a burger and fries. Plus, it gives you something to look forward to. 

Even though dieting is hard, it is possible and it is worth it. 

Katie is a student at UW-Stout majoring in Professional Communications and Emerging Media. Her hobbies including cuddling with her Golden Retriever, Dante, watching Netflix in her bathrobe, and of course, writing! 
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