6 Tips for Decorating Your Living Space on a Budget

Moving off campus into an apartment or house means that you finally have some extra space for you and your roommates. You're not limited to your dorm room, but now have a kitchen, bathroom, and living room all to yourselves. Part of the fun of having your own space is decorating. You can add your own personal touch and express yourself, but decorating can be challenging when you're a college student. Here are six ways to decorate your apartment or house on a budget!

1. DIY it up

It's time to break out the hot glue gun and acrylic paint to get creative and find ways to spruce up old items. Ordinary flower pot has you down? Add some gold paint. Have an old cookie sheet you're not using? Slather on some chalkboard paint for a DIY chalkboard. You could even buy some canvases, paint, and brushes to make your own paintings and show your artistic side. Pinterest has some great DIY projects if you're looking for ideas. Get your roommates together, have a craft night/bonding session, and make your living space cute!

2. Buy a houseplant

If you can be responsible for another living being, purchase a house plant. You can find them for cheap at Walmart or a gardening stores. House plants add life to any area and help with air filtration. If you're looking for something more low maintenance, start with a cactus or succulent. It's always fun to watch your plant babies grow and find new pots to plant them in.

3. Use seasonal decorations that are interchangable

Decorate your space with objects that can easily be changed with the season. For example, you can fill a vase with string lights and simply change out the colors to go with the time of year. Use orange lights for fall, red and green for the Christmas season, white or blue for winter, bright colors in the spring and summer, etc. It's an easy way to change things up without having to buy all new decorations.

4. Check out your local dollar store

Dollar stores tend to carry a lot of decorations and you can either display as they are or use in a DIY project. You can purchase seasonal decorations, picture frames (which sometimes include images for wall art), and fake flowers. Go a little crazy and fill up your cart without worrying about breaking the bank.

5. String lights are your best friend

String lights or fairy lights are a quick way to add a homey feeling to any room. Just hang them up with some command hooks to make the area more cozy. Bonus tip: Opt for string lights that use battery power, rather than plugging them into your wall. Some have timers that will automatically shut off the lights after a certain amount of time. You won't have to worry about raising your electricity bill and the area will still look aesthetic.

6. Use functional decorations

Buy decorations that not only look good, but also serve a purpose. Your awesome mug collection could look really cool on your kitchen counter. That book with the pretty cover could look great on a coffee table. Are you in the market for a calender? Buy a decorative one to hang on your wall. Decorations don't have to be exclusively pictures and sculptures. Invest in some multi-purpose decorations. It'll cut down on clutter and you'll love using items that look pretty.

You can still have that Insta-worthy house or apartment on a budget. Get in touch with your crafty side, scour local stores for cheap buys, and make your living space your own!