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6 Songs To Jumpstart Your Spring

We made it. Winter put up an honorable fight, but we won. Well, technically, we win every year, but when we’re walking from class to class in early February through a negative four thousand wind chill we feel like we won’t. But spring is finally here. However, some of you still may be downtrodden by the four-month polar vortex we just experienced. Fear not because I have your cure right here. It’s time to celebrate the arrival of spring with six songs that’ll get your blood pumping once again.


The Strokes- Somebody

To kick off this list correctly, it’s best to start with The Strokes. “Somebody” is a seminal track off of their classic 2001 album Is This It. The leading guitar riff is reminiscent of an ideal spring afternoon: light, breezy, and carefree. This song, and all the other songs on Is This It, give listeners the impression that the band isn’t even trying that hard, as if they got together in a garage and just happened to make really solid rock music. That’s just the beauty of it.


Todd Terje- Strandbar

Todd Terje isn’t much of a household name in the States. It wasn’t until last year with his debut album It’s Album Time that he finally gained some recognition. And what a wonderful debut it was. The record is an electro-disco hybrid with deep 80s influences. The result is a groove-centric track list that is sinfully danceable. “Strandbar” has the ability to invoke total euphoria and is, perhaps, the happiest song on the album (and that’s saying a lot).



CHVRCHES are the masters of contemporary pop. It’s just that simple. The Scottish threesome blends undeniably catchy hooks with poignant electronic instrumentals. Their debut album The Bones of What You Believe exploded onto the music scene with massive amounts of critical reception in 2013. The album produced seven singles thereby solidifying CHVCHES place in the pop scene.


Tokyo Police Club- Your English is Good

Tokyo Police Club is your typical pop-infused indie band with a tendency to pour out their adolescent woes via sappy love songs. However, this reputation doesn’t mean they don’t have their fair share of jams.  “Your English Is Good” is certainly one of their most well-known songs for a good reason. The infectious guitar riff that acts as the song’s backbone is absolutely irresistible. The track is bright, colorful, and deserving of a spring playlist.


Blu & Exile- Beat in Exile

Do you often walk to class? Is the walk long? If you answered yes to both I have a challenge for you. Get your hands on this song in some way, shape, or form and put it on your device of choice. Throw it on and get to class. The sun will shine brighter and flowers will spontaneously sprout within your proximity. The epitome of spring listening.


Bully- Milkman

Introducing Bully, the newest artist on this list. The band is lead by Alicia Bognanno who passionately yells into the mic as if it were her private confessional. And boy, does it show. The result is an unbelievably energetic aura that is far too rare in contemporary music.


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