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6 Ideas for a Spring Break Staycation

Who says staying home for spring break can’t be fun? Here are some tips for making your time at home feel a little more special without breaking the bank.

1. Have a DIY spa day

No need to make an appointment, set up your own spa at home for some much needed relaxation. Start by drawing a hot bath (bath bomb optional but recommended) and putting on a face mask. When you get out of the tub, pick out your best smelling lotion and give yourself a bright colored mani-pedi for spring!

2. Spend a day at a water park

If you live near the Wisconsin Dells, you’ve lucked out in this category. But if not, lots of cities have their own smaller water parks that offer cheap day passes! Since it won’t be warm enough to swim outdoors, a water park is the perfect way to add a little taste of summer to your spring break.

3. Visit a museum

A lot of museums offer a free admission day once a month or have discounted ticket prices for students. If you live near Milwaukee try the Milwaukee Public Museum or Discovery World for a fun and interactive day. Or, if you’re closer to the Twin Cities, the Minneapolis Institute of Art and the Science Museum of Minnesota are great options.

4. Check out local trails

Hiking is a great way to get exercise while also enjoying the warmer spring weather. Grab some friends or your family and spend a day exploring the great outdoors. If it’s warm enough, pack a lunch for a scenic picnic or bring a football for a pick-up game.

5. Pick up some extra cash

Why not monetize your spring break? Babysitting and mowing lawns (assuming all the snow has melted) are great ways to make some money while you’re back home. You could also help your neighbors with odd jobs or offer to help one of your parents at work or around the house. Use the money to treat yourself to the shoes you’ve been eyeing since last November or put it towards tuition. Every dollar counts!

6. Visit your family

Your family missed you while you were away at school, and now that you’re back you can spend some quality time with the people in your life that mean the most. Treat your grandma to lunch, watch your cousin in her school’s spring musical, or have a game night at home with your parents and siblings.

It may not be Miami, but spending your week off at home can be just as fun! Take some time to catch up on sleep and keep up with homework, though. Your future self will thank you. 

Sarah is a freshman in the Professional Communications program at UW-Stout. She hopes to work as a journalist after graduation. When she's not writing, she can be found reading true crime novels, hiking, or watching HGTV.
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